Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's new with the Hustedts...

Here is a quick shot of Page, I mean Strawberry Shortcake, as we left to go out Trick or Treating on Monday. Page loves Trick or Treating more and more every year! Her brother, I mean, Thor, could have really cared less and even fell asleep on my shoulder as we walked around the neighborhood! Being a superhero is hard work!

Here is our Halloween Family Picture (not quite as exciting as last year - but still fun). We have Thor, Bears Footbal player, Strawberry Shortcake, and Spiderman!

This is a quick shot we snuck in at the AZ State Fair on Saturday. Page was on a ride and Logen was admiring her from the stroller! I love this guy!!!!

This adorable single tooth grin will soon be different already! Logen has his top front two teeth coming in as we blog. I can always tell RIGHT before a new tooth pops through for him because hs mouth hurts so much he won't even eat, and if you know Logen, you know something is wrong if he's not eating. Logen is always so happy and easy, that without his lack of eating, his contsant snot and drool, you'd never even know anything wa wrong. This time, he's not only teething, but also going through ANOTHER growth spurt, so he's sleeping AMAZING!!! I hope this lasts even after those darn teeth are completely in and his growth spurt is over. Let's hope!

Well I hope you enjoyed our super quick update. Not too much else going on. We do leave a week from today to fly back to IL for a long weekend while Steve's brother, Isaac, gets married! We can't wait to see the Hustedt clan! A blog on that later!

Happy Thursday!