Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another BIG milestone

Well, this weekend brought some pretty exciting things to our home!!!! All day on Saturday (and literally ALL day - sorry Danielle for not making it to Music in the Park) we spent the day preparing for Page's big move! We spent the morning researching the best (cheapest) place to get Page a new bed. We ended up at Big Lots and decided to get her a Twin bed instead of a Toddler bed. Page got to help pick it out. Now, we had the bed and Steve and Page started putting it together, while I started looking for a cheap mattress for the bed. We looked everywhere, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money. We couldn't find anything, the cheapest was $100 at Big Lots. Then I went on Craigslist (I should have done this at the beginning). I found someone who was selling a Twin bed, bed spring, mattress, and sheets all for $100. So, we decided to make the 30 minute drive to the North Valley and pick up the bed. At this point, we had already opened and started making Page's new bed. So, we now have two Twin beds, but we are still a mattress short! Oh well, we'll put the other bed up as a guest bed when we get a new mattress. Anyway, we got it all put together and ready while Page was napping (in the Daycare nap room). She woke up and got to finally see her new bed! She loved it!As soon as Page saw her new bed, she immediately asked Daddy to read her a book! THAT'S MY GIRL!!! She loved it! She needed a picture with both Mommy and Daddy!
Now, we've both heard horror stories as to how hard some kids transition into Big Kid beds, so we prepared for the worst. Page is very independent and has a mind of her own, so we were a little scared about how Page would do. So, we changed her door knob so we could lock her in (I know it sounds horrible, but it turned out it wasn't necessary) and we left her crib in the room in case it just didn't happen. We gave her the option as to which bed she wanted to sleep in and she immediately chose her Big Girl bed. She went RIGHT to sleep. We told her she could play IN HER BED for 5 minutes but then it was night night. She was asleep in 3 minutes! She fell out of the bed once but was fine. She doesn't get out of bed until one of us comes in and tells her she can get up and when she is awake, she just plays or reads in her bed. It's great!!!
She was sick Sunday and Monday morning and she was more upset about puking on her new Princess sheets and big girl bed than she was about being sick! Poor little girl! She loves her new bed so much! I'm so glad she transitioned so well!!! We are so proud of our little Princess!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, today I had to do something that I always knew I would eventually have to do, but never looked forward to. I had to let my first parent go at the daycare. Now this is a bittersweet experience. While I'm never happy to tell someone they can't bring their child to Miss Tricia's Daycare anymore (and lose the money) I can honestly say that this is for the best and I think I will be FAR less stressed out because of this decision.
The child I had to let go today was one of my first kids at Miss Tricia's Daycare, so it's kind of like a chapter is ending. Miss Tricia's Daycare is 3 1/2 months away from it's 1 year anniversary and I do still have my first kid ever, but I had to let my second child go. It is sad, but I won't miss the inconsistency and lack of communication with the parent. Also, while I am very fond of this child, as is everyone here at Miss Tricia's Daycare, I will not miss the tantrums and drama that came with this kid being present. My daycare is a completely different place without them, as sad as it sounds.
Anyway, I am taking this as a new beginning as I have a couple openings for the summer and fall, and I hope that I can get some more great kids in here that become a part of Miss Tricia's Daycare family. So, I look forward to this new beginning and what the summer/fall hold for us!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ahhhh... Arizona

Well, for all you family and friends back home that I tease in the winter.... now it's your turn! It's the middle of April and yesterday it hit the 90s!!!! I know, the 90s in April is crazy, but not here. It's just the beginning. Page does still love playing outside, though. She could care less about the heat and I lather her up in suntan lotion. I think I'll be busting out the water table this weekend and MAYBE if Steve's up to it, we'll finally make our inaugural pool dive - our first time in the pool of the year. I love this time of the year, I love my HUGE pool, and I love the great times that Steve, Page, and I have in the pool. I can't wait for when it's warm enough in the evenings to swim. Usually, Steve and I wait until Page goes to sleep, put on our suits, turn on the pool light, and then just hang out in the pool - just the two of us. It is our time to talk and reflect, and in what better place?

So, if any of you were looking for a nice place to come to visit with a pool, great weather, and great company, look no further! Let us know when you're on the way!!! We'll have the drinks chilling for you!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I need to rant!!!

So, whatever happened to teachers being the building block of our children's futures? I am BEYOND infuriated with how Arizona and many other states, including Illinois, treat their teachers! Shouldn't education be at the top of our budget priorities, not the bottom?!?!? We all know what happened last year when I received my RIF letter. I was devastated. I had been teaching in AZ for 3 years and yet they felt it necessary to let a teacher go who was dedicated and knowledgeable and (in my opinion) a damn good teacher!!! To make matters worse, right after the RIF letters were handed out - it was Teacher Appreciation Day/Week and a lot of teachers really needed to feel appreciated. What did the administration do? THEY FORGOT!!!! Seriously? I understand that I was later called back and offered another job (which I am SO glad that I didn't accept) but do they have ANY idea what that does to a person's self-esteem and sense of self-worth? I knew it was nothing personal (I just happened to fall in that margin) but still, was I not worth keeping? It was horrible! And this year, my old school district is giving RIF letters to everyone who was given one last year AND MORE!!! Ridiculous!

Now... while that is completely crazy, do you want to hear what is even MORE crazy?!?! Yesterday at the first school that I taught at, the administrators told 8 very qualified and VERY GREAT teachers that they were being involuntarily transferred! Most of these teachers have been at this school since (or before) it was opened 5 years ago and know all the kids and parents. When they asked how they were chosen, they were told they had to pick good teachers who could transition well! BS!!!!! If you really thought they were good teachers, wouldn't you want to keep them at your school? HELLO??? No, they were targeted! One of them is currently on maternity leave - that one is obvious! Two others are engaged to be married (dating within the work place is frowned upon) and have voiced issues with the administration in the past, and others who have ever made any remark about the administration! How unfair is this???? I only know 4 out of the 8 that were screwed over, but those 4 teachers are some of the most awesome and dedicated teachers at that school. How do they think this will help morale or the children? What happened to caring more about our children and their education than how the teachers view the administration? Jackie - grow up and quit taking your bad managerial skills out on the kids!!! It is the kids who will suffer in this case!
While trying to keep it in perspective, yes, those teachers still have a job - somewhere - but why on Earth would anyone want to stay in a district that treats their teachers that way? Why would anyone want to stay in a profession that treats them that way? While I desperately miss the kids and the amazing friendships I made with my fellow teachers, I don't miss the way teachers are treated!! I love and respect EVERY person out there who continues to put up the injustices that teachers and children continue to face in this country! We wonder why kids act the way they do today and why they don't value their own education.... THEY GET IT FROM THE GOVERNMENT and anyone else who doesn't see the value in funding a good education for ALL!!!

OK, sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Hearing about what happened to some of my good friends yesterday brought back ALL the feelings I suffered through last year. Marisa, Joel, Rachel, and Sarah... I feel for you and I'm praying that you will all find something SO much better than Sunset Vista! To all the teachers out there - Keep doing what you love! There are people out there who still care for, support, and admire you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter together. We missed our family and friends back in IL, but had a great time just the three of us. On Saturday we dyed the eggs and Page had so much fun. On Sunday morning, Page hunted and found all her eggs and loved eating the (very little) candy. Later in the day, Page helped us "destroy" the eggs by making egg salad! It came full circle. We had a great time, but we always do... as long as we're together!

Steve and Page starting to dye the Easter eggs!
At this very moment (I don't know how I caught it) she's telling Steve, "I want to hug
you" How cute!!!!!
They have so much fun together!
Smile for the camera!
Now it's my turn to help!
This may be most recent favorite picture of Page! She looks so grown up. She's so
proud of herself!
Look at my full basket!
I think she did ok on the Easter front! She had SO much fun!

Our happy family on Easter
She looks like she's up to no good! That's my girl!

What You've All Been Waiting For...

Here are some pictures of Page from the last few months! She is growing like a weed!
Pic. 1: Page and Aunt Vicki
Pic 2: Page playing outside
Pic 3: Steve and his new grill
Pic 4: My first "dip" in the pool
pic 5: Page and Uncle Jered at her first baseball game of the season - Uncle Jered caught her the ball!

More to come.....

I'M BACK!!!!

Ok, so my friend, Danielle, brought it to my attention that I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving! Wow! How embarrassing. So, I'm here to try it again and to try and actually keep up with it. It's been a busy few months, but now that things are calmed down a bit, I hope to keep up with blogging. I'll catch you a bit on the last few months. Sorry, this may be a long one!

Since my last post, many exciting things have been keeping us busy. We went back to IL for the Holidays and it was great. Page got to play with most of her cousins and aunts and uncles. She got spoiled to death, and loved every minute of it.

After the holidays, we returned back to AZ and back to work. Steve had a VERY hectic schedule and was travelling a lot. He had a lot of meetings and A LOT of stress. Page and I tried to keep the stress level down at home for Steve, and just tried to enjoy our time together when we had it. Thankfully, things are calming down for Steve at work and the stress level should decrease.

In March, my brother, Jered, decided to make his first visit to Arizona. He was on Spring Break from college and decided that a little Spring Training Baseball was what he wanted to do. Page LOVED having him around and so did Steve and I. Unfortunately, Steve was working that weekend, but we made the best of it! We all went to the Phoenix Zoo on Phoenix's first warm, sunny day of the year. It was great. The next day we had tickets to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Chicago White Sox in their Spring Training game. Unfortunately, IT RAINED! I know, it never rains in Arizona... except when we don't want it to. So, we ended up renting a ton of movies and having a movie/video game night. It was a lot of fun. The next day, we were able to buy different tickets to watch the Cubs play the Oakland A's. It was a great time. Steve had to work in the morning, but he met us there and Uncle Jered even caught a foul ball and gave it to Page! She was in Heaven (and he was, too)! The following day, Steve and I were back at work so Jered decided that instead of sitting around and playing with the Daycare kids, he'd go watch another Spring Training game. This time, he caught himself a ball. What are the odds?
Jered left and we haven't visitors since, but it's been nice enjoying the spring days at home together. Page and I enjoy playing outside in the warm sunlight and Steve enjoys grilling with his new grill! The Daycare is going great. I even hired an assistant yesterday to help out on days when I have too many kids and for our summer vacations! We have some exciting plans coming up in the next few months, so watch for our DisneyLand trip, Tad's Wedding, and our summer trip back to IL. I think I'll it at that for now. I'll try to get some recent pictures on here, too! Enjoy!