Monday, May 23, 2011

What a busy weekend!

Wow! We had a very busy (yet wonderful) weekend!!! Where to begin....

I guess with the beginning of the weekend: Friday!

Friday was May 20. That means Logen was 5 months old on Friday! I can hardly believe it's been 5 months. Steve and I were talking and in some ways, we can't believe it's already been 5 months and in other ways, it's hard to remember life without him. He brings such joy and happiness to all of us. Page absolutely ADORES her baby brother and is always looking out for him. Steve and I catch ourselves watching him and being amazed at all he's able to do already. He (just as Page is) is truly a blessing in our lives.

As far as stats goes: He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning (Tuesday) so I will get his height and weight then, but he is definitely growing. He is, however, starting to thin out, I think. He's so active.

One of his favorite things to do right now is playing in his bounce seat. It's so amazing watching him play with the toys on there and how he can really manipulate them well. Steve and I were just saying last night that he's really getting good at manipulating objects, much sooner than Page did. I think he may be the more physically advanced one and she may be the talker... What? Page? A talker? NO WAY! LOL I wonder who she takes after?? Hahaha

His sleep pattern is starting to settle in. His nighttime sleep really depends on his sleep during the day. If he doesn't get enough sleep during the day, ironically, he doesn't sleep as well at night. An ideal and usual sleep for schedule for him is he wakes up around 6ish and comes into our room with us where I feed him and he hopefully falls back to sleep for an hour. Then he's awake until around 8:15 and then wants to eat again and go to sleep. He'll usually sleep anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Then he's up for a while and takes a short 15-20 minute cat nap around 11:30. At 1ish, he eats and takes his afternoon nap. Ideally, this nap lasts 2-3 hours. Then he wakes up, takes another cat nap around 5:30 or 6 and then after we put Page to bed at 7:30-7:45, I change him, swaddle him (he's been sleeping in just a diaper and swaddle lately because he's a sweaty little guy), feed him, and he's out by 8pm. Every once in a while he'll want a little snack around 10, but usually he's out until at least 2 or 3, and then sleeps until 6.

He's eating great. He's still nursing and definitely prefers it to the bottle (and so do I) although he's been a little sick this past week and he would only nurse at night. I think his throat hurt and it was easier for him to drink the bottle. We also just started him on cereal. He LOVES it. He did great with it, too. From the very first time Steve fed him, he totally caught on and devoured every bite! We'll start him on vegetables at 6 months.

Well, that's enough about Logen for now. Here are his 5 month pictures...

Cutest little monkey butt there is

Page (adoringly) watching her brother play.

Now, not only was Friday Logen's 5 month birthday, it was also the beginning of Steve's and my anniversary weekend! On Sunday, May 22, Steve and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. We had decided that our trip home (we had just been to Indiana to see Steve's baby brother, Tony, become Ensign Anthony D. Hustedt of the United States Navy - a post about this will come when I get more pictures) the weekend before was our anniversary gift to each other, so neither of us were planning on getting each other anything else. BUT, something led me to calling Steve and telling him about this awesome deal the car dealership (where we bought Steve's car last year) was having - mostly as a joke as I knew we weren't in the market for a new vehicle yet. However, Steve knew how badly I wanted a minivan and we had just gotten back from visiting his family in which we were the only ones that didn't have a minivan (a Town and Country minivan to be exact) and I think Steve may gotten sold on the idea from his siblings. So, to make a long story short, Steve called me to let me know that I was supposed to meet him at the dealership after the daycare kids left to test drive a new minivan!!! He traded in his new car he got last year and bought me a minivan!!! What a great guy.

My anniversary present

We LOVE our new Dodge Grand Caravan! Page loves the DVD player and I love everything about it. It's awesome and already SO easy to get the kids in and out of.

Thank you, honey, for the most amazing anniversary present!!!!

Now Saturday Steve had a meeting for work in the morning, so Page, Logen, and I ran errands and then met Danielle, Ryder, and Landon out at the Splash Pad for a little play date. The kids had a lot of fun and as always, loved playing with each other. Danielle was supposed to watch the kids that evening so Steve and I could go to a movie, but she had a family emergency and Logen still wasn't feeling like himself, so we kept the kids and decided to take them out to dinner with us. We went to Margaritaville at Westgate. Page loves driving by the AZ Cardinals football stadium so eating so close to it was great for her. She and Logen were both so good and loved dining outside.

On Sunday, our actual anniversary, we started the day with our annual anniversary tradition: watching our wedding video! We love watching it every year and commenting on how skinny we were, how young everyone was, and what a fantastic and magical day it was! Then, we ran errands and just enjoyed spending time with each other (and driving around in the new van). We came back to the house for lunch and naps. After that, Steve promised Page she could go swimming so he took her for 5 minutes! IT WAS FREEZING!!! Logen still wasn't feeling 100% so I kept him out. We then just relaxed outside talking while Page played and just had a great night!

It was a very busy and exciting weekend. This upcoming weekend will be just as busy as Friday is my last day with daycare kids for the summer and our friends Kristy and Joe are coming into town for the weekend! It's going to be a lot of fun!!! More on that next week....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

First of all, Happy (Late) Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! I had a great day being spoiled and spending the day with my three favorite people! It was a nice relaxing day, and exactly what was needed!

Our day started by the kids sleeping in until 7am (yes - that alone is a great gift!!!) and Steve getting Page dressed and ready and they headed out to pick up breakfast. In the meantime, I stayed at home and got ready for the day and got my little man ready. He and I got some extra snuggle time in, too!

When Steve and Page arrived back home, they not only surprised me with Sonic (my favorite), they also surprised me with a dozen red roses! They were beautiful!!!

They also gave me my other Mother's Day present. It was a plaque that Steve and Page made together of the meaning and reasoning for Logen's name. (If you didn't already know - LogEN is named after my dad, Len. His middle name, Warren, is named after his "Grandpa" Bruce Warren).

Steve made one for me for my very first Mother's Day with Page, too! I love these and treasure them even more that Steve makes them all on his own! He's so talented!

After the gifts and we finished eating breakfast, we decided to take some pictures to remember the day! We took so many of these and all of them were adorable, but I will just put up my favorite ones!

The reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day!

Family Picture

I love these guys! Steve's even smiling!!

My big girl and me!

My little guy and me!

He's so kissable!

After pictures, we had to run out and do some errands since Steve had to work on

Saturday. We did our grocery shopping and went to Target and the Post Office.

We had fun just being together and spending time together. After our errands were

finished, we went back home to unload groceries, feed Logen, and then get ready for lunch.

For lunch, we decided to head to Applebee's. We very rarely go out to a restaurant with the kids because Page tends to not be able to handle sitting for that long without running all around or losing it. However, again, Page gave me another wonderful present of being the most well-behaved little girl at lunch! I definitely see more family dinners out since she's shown us how great she can be!

Steve and Page having fun at lunch at Applebee's! What a bunch of nerds! LOL I love them, though!

Here is Logen enjoying his lunch time at Applebees!

After lunch, we were all exhausted and went back home to take naps! After naps, we ended the day by going swimming (sorry no pictures) and grilling out! We had a great time just enjoying each other and spending time together. After dinner, the kids took baths and it was bedtime. Once they were asleep, Steve and I were able to just relax on the couch and enjoy some TV together. I don't think I could have asked for a better Mother's Day! I hope all future Mother's Day are as wonderful as this year's was!

Thanks Steve, Page, and Logen for being so awesome and amazing! I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful husband and children! I love you!!