Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our little Santa Logen! He had a rough night delivering presents, so now he's resting for a big day of opening presents and eating!!
Mommy and her little Santa! Isn't he adorable? Page picked out his outfit!
Big sister Page and Santa Logen. These two are so adorable together!!! Page picked out both of their Christmas outfits! I was very impressed with her choices!
Santa Logen and Santa Homer! They are pretty much the same size!
Santa Logen, Santa Homer, and Big Sister Page! She looks so BIG next to them!
Page enjoying her breakfast with some of her new Christmas presents! She had such a great Christmas and had so much fun opening her presents and helping Logen open his! She also decided that she was in charge of opening Steve's and my presents, too! It was too cute!
Merry Christmas!

Introducing Logen Warren Hustedt

I know this is VERY late, but I would like to introduce to you... LOGEN WARREN HUSTEDT!!
Logen was born on December 20, 2010 at 12:27pm. He was 7 lbs and 3 oz and 20 inches long.
We were supposed to go into the hospital on Sunday night, December 19, at midnight to induce labor, however, Logen had different ideas. I woke up Sunday morning at about 8am and was already having contractions. They started coming about every 20 minutes and continuously got closer and closer together until at about noon when I called the hospital as the contractions were coming every 7 minutes.
The hospital said to come on in and they would check us out. So, of course, I showered and finished getting ready (a girl has to look good while having a baby, right? LOL). We dropped Page off at the Fernandez's (one of my daycare kids' house), who lived only a mile from the hospital, and then Steve and I headed to the hospital. It was 1:00pm on Sunday. I was having contractions very frequently, but they weren't really intense or anything. I hadn't progressed much, so they had us get up and walk around for an hour, and then I had progressed enough for them to admit me.
Once we were admitted, we got our own room (this was about 4:00pm) and I was still contracting pretty frequently. I got the epidural at about 7pm (they gave it to me before I asked for it as they were trying to slow down the labor so that my delivery might wait until my actual doctor was there in the morning. There were pros and cons to this, but we just went with it. In the end, we did make it to Dr. Bass delivering Logen and it was ALL worth it!!
I'll spare you all the details, except the fact that I was in labor (at the hospital) for 23.5 hours and it was SO boring until the last 20 minutes! Steve and I played on our phones, facebooked, talked to friends, and slept when we could, to pass the time.
Finally at about noon (Dr . Bass thought it would be closer to 1 or 2pm), I called the nurse in as I was REALLY feeling the contractions and had the urge to push. She called the doctor to come over to the hospital (from his office next door) and told him we would try to wait for him, but she couldn't make any promises! I actually started to push before he made it, but Dr. Bass was present for the actual delivery!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!
Logen was born very quickly (unlike his sister - I pushed for 8 hours with Page) and after pushing for less than 10 minutes, I witnessed the most amazing thing... my son being born! He was here and he was perfect!!! Enjoy the pictures.

Luckily, we found out that the hospital hadn't started their RSV restrictions yet, so Page WAS able to come to the hospital and meet Logen!!! We were so thankful for this and she LOVES her baby brother! She is already such a great big sister and we are so proud of her! I'll post another blog with pictures of them from Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures and Update

This one is my favorite!
This one, too!

So, here are some of the long awaited maternity pictures that we got taken this past weekend. I think they turned out great. I'm only posting a few, for times sake, but if you would like to see more - check out my facebook page.
Also, we had our final doctor's appointment this morning. Logen has made no new progress. He hasn't dropped any more so Dr Bass thinks he's going to hold out and wait for his induction. We did finally get our induction orders. We are scheduled to go in to the hospital at midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. We have to call at 11pm to make sure we are still a go, but we are getting VERY excited. Basically, the only way we won't go in on Sunday night is if too many women go into labor naturally and they are full. We were given the same warning with Page and we were supposed to call at 10pm with her and we ended up getting a call at 6pm asking if we could be there at 7pm, 4 hours early!!! So, we're hoping we get in on Sunday, but there are advantages to being bumped to the 22nd, too (i.e. Charity will be here to watch Page and we wouldn't have to bring Page to someone else's house). But we are all set up and ready if we do go in on Sunday. Page would go to one of her daycare friends' house - Thank you Fernandez Family - you are AWESOME!!!! She is excited about the thought of a sleep over, but it would be her first, so I think I'm more nervous than her! LOL I guess I'll have other things to focus on.
So, I guess this is me signing off until we have more to report! Hopefully the next post will be Announcing Logen!!!! Wish us luck and we're going to try and have a nice, relaxing, fun weekend before our lives change forever!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 37 Weeks

Pregnancy Update - Week 37

Yes, I know, I've been slacking on the weekly picture, but it's been on purpose! I'm pretty swollen at this point in my pregnancy, so I'm pretty sure no one wants to see the Marshmallow that I've become. However, we did get our maternity pictures taken on Saturday and I should have them any day, so I will post those when I get them to satisfy your need for pictures. :)

How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: At 37 weeks he should be about 19.25 in and 6.3 lbs, but we know he's big so he's probably closer to 20 inches and 7.25 lbs (which is almost exactly what Page was when she was born).

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, I'm not even going to guess. I can update this on Thursday after our Dr appointment. I'm REALLY trying to cut back on the eating, but I'm also SO swollen, that the water retention is adding pounds as well. Last week we were at 21 total pounds gained, so we're going to go with that until Thursday.

Maternity Clothes: I am only wearing maternity and some of them are even getting a little snug. I did, however, wear a non-maternity shirt yesterday. It was snug, but it worked!

Gender: Boy - Logen Warren Hustedt

Movement: His movement has really slowed down this week, although, today he has been exceptionally busy. He is head down and last time we checked, facing the right way (unlike his big sister was). I'm hoping he continues to drop this week before our appointment on Thursday and we actually have some effacement starting.

Food Cravings: ANYTHING. I'm kind of to a point where I'm just hungry all the time. I can eat fruit, pizza, chocolate, etc. That doesn't matter, as long as I'm eating. Not good!

What I Miss: I miss being able to hold Page. I've kind of stopped carrying her around for the most part. My back is killing me, so holding her just makes it worse. She is SUPER understanding and we still love our cuddle time on my lap. But I do miss picking her up and carrying her around. Not too much longer!

Sleep: I have good days and bad days. Last night I finally broke down and slept downstairs in the recliner (while Steve camped out with me on the couch) but I ended up sleeping worse in the recliner than I had been in the bed, so we're back to the bed tonight. We'll see how it goes.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, pelvic cramps, swollen legs/feet/hands/face, and CONSTANT peeing (I mean literally every 5-10 minutes)... it's ridiculous! Hahaha

Best Moments This Week: Getting maternity pictures taken on Saturday and hanging out at Glendale Glitters after. We also had family baking/decorating time yesterday. I just love hanging out with Steve and Page. I do need to remember to stay in the moment and enjoy what's going on and quite looking to the future because the days of just the three of us are quickly being numbered!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Spending this last week making the best of our family of three. We plan to do lots of relaxing and lots of fun family time! I'm also looking forward to our Dr appointment on Thursday to see how much I've progressed and to find out if we're actually going to be induced on Monday or be bumped to Wednesday (which has some added benefits - Charity will be here).

So, if everything goes according to planned, this will be my last weekly update. I may update on Thursday just so everyone knows where we are at and what's going, but I doubt I will update on Monday if I am in the hospital... unless it's to report that Logen has arrived! So... I guess I will miss my weekly pregnancy updates, as well! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Cards, O Christmas Cards...

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is my favorite time of year (especially this year, hehehe). I love the decorations, the MUSIC, the holiday spirit, and of course, the cards. I usually start planning out my Christmas cards in October or sooner! :) I love taking pictures and I love sharing our family pictures with family and friends, so what a better way than with Christmas cards. The best, easiest, and usually cheapest way to go when sending Christmas cards with pictures is to order from They have so many cute ideas and you can tailor the cards to your liking. They have cards with all different number of pictures and themes! You can't go wrong. They have something for everyone. Here are just a few options that I love.

If you've already gotten/sent your Christmas cards, also has calendars, prints, mugs, etc. For example, every year, Steve and I make family calendars of his family and give them out as Christmas presents. This way all of the family can keep up with the growing family and everyone's birthdays and has a nice familiar face (every family has a different month) every month! You can also create a photo blog on and I'm pretty sure you get free prints just for creating an account and even more for creating a blog site!

So, if you still need Holiday cards or any other photo gifts, head on over to and order your cards today.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 36

Pregnancy Update - Week 36

How Far Long: 36 weeks - as of today, they would not try to stop labor if I went to the hospital!

Size of Baby: Since he's big, he's about 19.75 in (Page was 21 in when born) and about 6.8 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: OK, so last week when I went to the Dr. on Wednesday, I had gained 8 lbs! I KNOW!! Very bad. But today when I went, I had lost a pound, so I guess the total is up to 21 lbs! That's one pound over where I wanted to end. They say sometimes you lose weight at the end of the pregnancy, so let's hope so!

Maternity Clothes: YES! I love my comfy maternity clothes.

Gender: Boy - Logen Warren Hustedt

Movement: He's starting to slow down a little, but he's still quite the stretcher and loves to move around really late at night and very early in the morning. The rib kicks have subsided for the time being, though! :)

Food Cravings: Fruits and Water

What I Miss: Being able to carry Page for more than a couple minutes at a time. She is so understanding and helpful, though!

Sleep: I've been sleeping OK, but it's hard to get comfortable and my body temperature fluctuates so much that I tend to wake up hot and cold all night.

Symptoms: Heartburn (apparently Logen has hair - or so the ultrasound tech said), back aches, groin aches, constant bathroom breaks, swollen feet, and most recently - as of today... (BEWARE - TMI) I'm dilated 2 cm!!! The doctor said everything is progressing wonderfully, but thinks Logen will hold old AT LEAST until next week if not until our induction date, which is TWO WEEKS from today! Next Dr appointment is next Thursday, the 16th, so we'll see what he says then.

Best Moments This Week: ZooLights on Saturday night with Steve and Page and also working on and finishing Logen's nursery with Steve and Page yesterday! We had a great time!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Spending more time with Steve and Page before Logen gets here. We have our maternity pictures on Saturday afternoon and then we're going to head to Glendale Glitters for some more holiday fun!

It also hit me today while at the Dr's office that the focus has been on Logen's arrival so much that it hasn't hit me that Christmas is only 2.5 weeks away. That means it's only 2 weeks until Canaan and Charity get here, too! I love Christmas and I love having family visit. I'm so glad they will be here to celebrate not only Christmas with us, but also the beginning of Logen's adventure! I have so much to be thankful for. I need to keep perspective and remember all the positive things coming in the VERY near future!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two and a Half Weeks!!!

So, we went to the doctor today for our final ultrasound and to set the induction date! We have two and a half weeks until we induce Logen's birth! December 20th is the tentative date, unless he decides to come sooner on his own! The doctor said that we could set the date for the 20th, but since it's the week of Christmas and his induction isn't an emergency, it is likely that we could get bumped by other deliveries. So, we may have him on the 20th, 22nd, or 23rd, or after Christmas. Either way... we're so excited to be getting SO close to meeting our little boy!!

I felt like Logen had already dropped and the doctor did, too. He said he hasn't dropped all the way as I wasn't quite 1cm dilated, but he said I'm getting close. This is such an exciting time. We can't wait to meet the little guy, but we still have some last minute stuff to get done, so hopefully he'll hold out a little while longer. I'm technically only 35 weeks and 2 days, so until Monday, they would still try to stop labor, but anytime after Monday, they would let us have him if he tried to come! That seems SO crazy!

It's all getting so REAL now. I guess I should probably pack my hospital bag!! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks (38 weeks)

How Far Along: 35 weeks (or 37 weeks according to ultrasound at 28 weeks)
Size of Baby: about 18 inches and 5.25 lbs or 19.25 inches and 6.3 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'll have a more exact measurement on Wednesday after the Doctor appointment, but when I weighed myself this morning, I had no more weight gain, so still standing steady at 14 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Solely wearing maternity clothes. I am to the point of wearing my comfy big black palazzo pants whenever I can.
Gender: Boy - Logen Warren Hustedt

Movement: His movement has slowed down a bit, but when he kicks, he kicks. He is a VERY stretchy baby and he loves ramming his feet into my ribs!

Food Cravings: Capt'n Crunch Cereal. Random, I know.

What I Miss: We all miss our family that we had to leave back in IL! We can't wait to see them again in February when we bring our little guy back to meet them all!

Sleep: Depends on the night. Sometimes I sleep like a rock and others I wake up ever couple hours to use the bathroom or readjust. There's only been one night where I was up for a couple of hours at a time. Being back in my own bed has really helped, though.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, dull lower back pain, headaches, just overall discomfort. Anxiousness about having him. I can't wait to meet the little guy!!!! :)

Best Moments This Week: In the last two weeks (since I missed last week's update) we had a wonderful Baby Sprinkle for Logen, got to see most of our family and friends, and just had an overall good time hanging out back in IL and enjoying each others' company.
Also, last night we put up our Christmas tree and Christmas lights! It was so much fun. Page gets more and more fun every year! What a great time!

What I'm Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to our Dr appointment on Wednesday when we will have another Ultrasound and set our actual induction date! I'm convinced it will be the week of December 13, but Steve thinks it will be the week of December 20. I guess we'll see who's right. :) We are also looking forward to finishing up Logen's room and all the Christmas decorating and preparations!
I will try to get another blog done today or tomorrow with all the details and pictures of our fun visit home to see family and friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish everyone a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. Our trip back to IL is going great and I know I'm behind on my blogging, but I will update and add pictures when we get back home this weekend. Wednesday is the big day for our last ultrasound and setting the induction date, so obviously, we are very anxiously awaiting then and just enjoying each other and our families. We hope you all had a great day and ate plenty of turkey!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE HUSTEDTS!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 33

Pregnancy Update - 33 Weeks (35 Weeks)

How Far Along: 33 Weeks or (35 Weeks depending on which due date we're going by)

Size of Baby: At 33 weeks, Logen should be about 17 in and 4.25 lbs or at 35 weeks he should be about 18 in and 5.25 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: This is unofficial (not the Dr's scale) but I think I've gained another pound which gets me to 14 lbs total weight gain.

Maternity Clothes: Loving my maternity clothes. I've noticed that most of my fall maternity clothes is black. I thought about going out to get more, but at this point, why? I should only have another month or so left.. so everyone.. just deal with my black wardrobe! :)

Gender: Baby boy - Logen Warren

Movement: Logen isn't kicking as much anymore as he stretching. He loves to stretch as long as he can... and he LOVES my ribs! I think he's going to take after his Godfather, Uncle Tony, and start giving me bruised ribs.

Food Cravings: Weird... but Capt Crunch cereal and spaghetti

What I Miss: Bending over, sitting up normally, and being able to clean or do work around the house for more than an hour and be completely exhausted.

Sleep: It's getting harder and harder every night. Poor Steve has to deal with me. He's so great. He doesn't even complain.

Symptoms: EXHAUSTED! I feel like I'm in the first trimester again, constant trips to the bathroom, shortness of breath, itchiness, and bruised ribs. Just uncomfortable!

Best Moments This Week: Random dance parties with Steve and Page. Just hanging out with them in general. Steve has been working so much lately that we are treasuring every moment we have together.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our trip home to IL on Friday and our baby shower on Saturday! Also, looking forward to finding out if Logen is going to have a little guy friend or girl friend when Danielle Lutz finds out the sex of her baby on Thursday!

P.S. Yes, I know there's no picture this week. I will take one tomorrow and add it. Trust me, you don't want to see me today. I'm looking pretty rough... tired and no make-up are not my look right now! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 32 Weeks

Pregnancy Update - 32 weeks (34 weeks)

How Far Along: 32 weeks (or 34 weeks according to Logen's Ultrasound at 28 weeks)
Size of Baby: at 32 weeks he should be about 16.7 inches and 3.75 lbs (he was 3.3 lbs 5 weeks ago) and at 34 weeks he should be about 17.75 inches and 4.75 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Today at the Dr, they told me I had gained 1 more pound, so I guess I'm up to 13 pounds total. - FYI - I am COMPLETELY amazed I only gained one pound in the last two weeks. I have been eating NOTHING but sweets and potato chips. I did actually throw them all away on Saturday, though, because I was afraid of the weight I was gaining. Back to the apples and bananas for me!

Maternity Clothes: I am solely wearing maternity clothes and there are a couple pairs of jeans and pants that I wear exclusively, because they are comfy. I figure I'm so uncomfortable at this point, my clothes might as well be comfy, even if I just keep wearing the same stuff!

Gender: Baby boy - Logen Warren

Movement: His movement has slowed down a little bit, especially during the day, but when he moves, HE MOVES! His new thing is showing me his feet and either knees or elbows through my stomach. He thinks it's a fun game to play with Mom... I'm not always too thrilled as it usually hurts! :) But hey, any chance I get to catch a sneak peak at the little guy, and I'm thrilled!

Food Cravings: As I mentioned earlier, I've been eating/craving a lot of sweets and salty foods, so Halloween candy, brownies, cookies, potato chips, etc. I really need to get back to my fruits and veggies, so I threw the other stuff out and won't be buying more (assuming my will power holds up).

What I Miss: Sleeping, being able to breathe, non bruised ribs, etc. :)
Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep, but I can't seem to stay comfortable for more than an hour or two at night. I'm waking up constantly and having to pee ALL night long! Poor Steve... I think he hates sleeping with me right now.

Symptoms: You name it, I got it! (I'm really not trying to complain - I do enjoy most of the symptoms, even if they are painful... I'm just getting to the "I'm done" uncomfortable stage). Constant bathroom breaks, back aches, hip aches, bruised ribs, Braxton Hicks (although not as much), itchiness, swollen ankles and hands, tired, and just overall uncomfortable.

Best Moments This Week: Seeing Logen's foot sticking out of my belly and Page's reaction to it. She is now telling everyone to feel her belly for the kicks and also keeps hugging and kissing my belly. It's SO cute. Also, today we found out that since Logen is so big and we need to determine when we're going to have this little (big) guy, we get another ultrasound at our next appointment on Dec 1! I can't wait to see him again and to set our induction date!!!! We may have little Logen even sooner than we thought!

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm looking forward our trip home. In less than two weeks, we'll be flying home to IL to see our family and to celebrate Logen with a Baby Sprinkle! Page cannot stop talking about seeing her family and Steve and I really miss everyone, too. We have a busy couple of weeks before then, so I know the time will fly by!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 31 weeks

Pregnancy Update - 31 weeks (33 weeks)

How Far Along: 31 weeks or 33 weeks based on Logan's size at our last Ultrasound

Size of Baby: 31 weeks - about 16.25 in and 3.3 lbs (although Logan was 3.3lbs at 28 weeks) 33 weeks - about 17 in and 4.25 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 12 lbs gained

Maternity Clothes: Solely wearing maternity clothes. Still loving my jeans and comfy tops

Gender: Baby Boy - Logen Warren

Movement: He has kind of slowed down a little during the day (apparently he's sleeping more per my weekly e-mails) but he's still VERY active in the evenings and at night!

Food Cravings: Egg sandwiches and spicy foods

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night, having my emotions in check, and not getting winded so much.

Sleep: I'm SO sleepy lately. I wake up a couple times throughout the night and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable sleeping and in general.

Symptoms: Lower back aches, rib aches, and just overall comfortable.

Best Moments This Week: Taking Page Trick or Treating and getting our family pictures taken. I can't wait to schedule our maternity pictures for the beginning of December!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Setting up our Maternity Pictures, getting ready for our trip to IL, and enjoying the nice fall weather with Page and Steve!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Babymoon 2010


Steve and I decided to once again, go on a babymoon before the baby arrives. This babymoon was MUCH different from the one we went on while pregnant with Page!
Needless to say, we didn't do one of the couple spa weekends that some people do as babymoons. Steve was already in San Francisco for work, so Page and I flew in LATE Thursday night to join him for a long weekend. Our flight was delayed by about an hour, and not knowing how security would be or how long it would take me to get all of our stuff through the airport, we got there plenty early. We stopped before going through security to get dinner. Page and I went to Chili's and had a good time. She loved looking out the windows at the cars down below.
Page was SO well behaved at the airport, even though we were there for so long.
She was even on her best behavior on the airplane, especially with it being 2 hours after bedtime before we even left.
When we landed, she was very talkative with the other people on the plane and kept asking, "Where's Daddy?"
We got to the airport, where Steve met us, and then drove back to his hotel. It was after midnight by the time we got there, got settled, and into bed. Needless to say, we all slept VERY well.

Friday morning, Steve had to finish up some meetings, so Page and I mostly hung out in the room. She decided coloring in the bathtub would be fun. She's so funny. When Steve was done with his meetings, we checked out of his hotel (his work was paying for the most expensive tiny room) and into our (MUCH CHEAPER - LARGER) suite down the road a little bit. We ate lunch and then all settled in for a nap. Page was VERY tired from the night before and fought nap, but eventually fell asleep. When she woke up, we ventured out to Chinatown. Steve's mom told us about loving Chinatown when she was there many years ago, so we decided to check it out. We're glad we did. It was very cool and interesting and I bought WAY too many souvenirs, but they were worth it. They were all SO adorable. Here are some pictures of us in Chinatown and Page's new outfit. I also got a beautiful silk robe, but I don't think it will fit me until after Logen arrives.
Saturday morning, we woke up and headed up to Golden Gate Park. We assumed this was near the Golden Gate Bridge, but we were wrong. Hahaha... Anyway, they had a large kid's park which Page loved, especially the carousel. She also got to play in the sand (which was good since the beach didn't really work out), on the swings, and the slides! We also ventured into the Museum to look around, but Page was pretty grumpy and there wasn't much to look at except the Van Gogh exhibit, that we didn't think Page would appreciate or behave through. We got a few photos out of it, though!
On our way back to the hotel for naps, we passed a street... Page Street. Of course we had to get a picture!
After the park, we went back to the hotel and all took a nap. When we woke up, we decided to head over to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39. There were all kinds of things to do there, but most exciting, was the Sea Lions! Page loved looking at the Sea Lions and listening to them bark. After we finished checking them out, we went to walk around the pier a bit and saw a giant Sponge Bob Square Pants, which apparently, we needed a picture in front of. :) We ate dinner at a Pizzeria and then went back to check out the Sea Lions again. It was VERY dark at this point and none of the pictures came out. We did actually get to see Alcatraz from the pier, too, but again, it was much too dark for any of the pictures to turn out. So, we finished up by doing some major souvenir shopping and then headed back to the hotel for the night. On Sunday, we woke up and headed out for another fun day. It had been raining the entire time we were there, but today it was RAINING! I was worried since everything we had planned was outdoors, but Page LOVED it and we all had a great time. We started out by driving over the Golden Gate Bridge (something I was looking forward to the whole time). It was amazing. We stopped at a view point to get some pictures. It was raining lightly, but was VERY windy!!! Notice in the pictures, my hair is crazy! We were able to get some people to take our family picture. The first one is better because my hair isn't in my face (as much), but they failed to get the bridge in the picture. Oh well.
After the Golden Gate Bridge stop, we continued on our way to Muir Woods - one of the many national parks in Northern CA that has the famous Redwood trees. It was raining and dark, so there aren't many pictures. I do have a very dark one of Steve and Page standing inside a tree, though... that was pretty cool. Here are a few of them in the woods and around the gift shop. Page LOVED running and playing in the rain. We then finished the trip off with a trip to Muir Beach. We decided we were right there, so we had to stop, but it was FREEZING and windy. Steve and Page spent literally 3 minutes building a sand castle to say they were able to do it. Thankfully Page was able to play in the sand at the park the day before!
Page had a hard time napping in the hotel room, but on the last day there, she finally decided she no longer wanted to sleep in the crib (she sleeps in a big girl bed at home, so I'm not completely surprised) and wanted to nap on the couch. She fell right to sleep. She woke up by falling off the couch. Hahaha... That night, though, we pulled the couch out (it was a sleeper) and she slept on the couch quite comfortably. She loved jumping and playing on the couch. She didn't want to leave it!

After Page's nap on the couch, we decided to head to the mall that was right by our hotel (we had been frequenting the Target - in the mall - on a pretty daily basis) to play in the play area and get some ice cream. It was raining pretty hard and we had gotten pretty wet earlier in the day, so we decided to do low key and dry. Here are a few pics of Page on the car rides. The play area was SO crowded that Page couldn't even play on the toys.
We ended up taking a break from the car rides for some ice cream. I'm not sure why I look like I'm sneak eating the ice cream... maybe because normally Steve frowns highly on my eating ice cream (lactose intolerant). Oh well. It was delicious and well worth it.
Page riding in the Richard Scarry apple car. This is her happy face and her "Mommy, get out of the way!" face. We kept pretending she was running me over with the cars! Hahaha
We went back to the hotel room and ordered pizza and then settled in for the night. Once Page was asleep, I finished packing up and got ready to head back home the following morning.
Page is enjoying the train ride, taking us from the rental car place to the airport. She loves trains!
We had a GREAT time but we're glad to be home and back into our routine! We are now planning for our Miss Tricia's Daycare Spooktacular Halloween Party tomorrow. It should be fun. I'll be sure to have plenty of pictures to share of that as well!