Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just hanging out

This week, Steve returned to work from his paternity leave. :( None of us were looking forward to this, but his day back wasn't horrible. It could have been better, but it wasn't horrible. We were concerned how Page would react to his returning to work since he hadn't been to work since before Christmas and before Logen was born. She did great, though. When Steve left for work, Page turned to me and said the cutest thing, "Well, Mom... it looks like it's just you and me today." LOL. Where does she get this stuff??? She did tell me she missed Daddy a couple times, but distraction techniques seemed to help.

Thankfully, this is Spring Break week in AZ for all the local schools so my daycare kids were gone. I figured getting Page out of the house might distract her from Steve not being there. So, we met up with Danielle and Ryder at Pump It Up and the let the two big kids play on the inflatable toys for a couple hours. We then enjoyed a nice lunch at Burger King.

We then returned home and took naps. Page took a SUPER long nap (3.5 hours) and was surprised when Steve brought home her favorite pizza for dinner. It ended up being an OK day.
Today has been going pretty well and tomorrow we plan to visit Steve at work for lunch and to introduce Logen to everyone. Let's hope this transition continues to be a smooth one.

Anyway, here's some pictures of Logen just hanging out the last couple days. I'd have pictures of Page, but she's been avoiding my camera, so.... I'll make sure she makes the next post!
Logen snuggling with his burp cloth while snuggling in my arms.
Logen napping in our bed.
Logen sleeping yet again. Clearly he does a lot of this! Hahaha
Logen thinking while sleeping!

What a big boy!! Logen sitting in his Bumbo chair for the first time. He's so happy.

Logen hits his 3 month on Sunday! I can't believe he's almost 3 months old. My baby boy is getting SO big!!!

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