Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

First of all, Happy (Late) Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! I had a great day being spoiled and spending the day with my three favorite people! It was a nice relaxing day, and exactly what was needed!

Our day started by the kids sleeping in until 7am (yes - that alone is a great gift!!!) and Steve getting Page dressed and ready and they headed out to pick up breakfast. In the meantime, I stayed at home and got ready for the day and got my little man ready. He and I got some extra snuggle time in, too!

When Steve and Page arrived back home, they not only surprised me with Sonic (my favorite), they also surprised me with a dozen red roses! They were beautiful!!!

They also gave me my other Mother's Day present. It was a plaque that Steve and Page made together of the meaning and reasoning for Logen's name. (If you didn't already know - LogEN is named after my dad, Len. His middle name, Warren, is named after his "Grandpa" Bruce Warren).

Steve made one for me for my very first Mother's Day with Page, too! I love these and treasure them even more that Steve makes them all on his own! He's so talented!

After the gifts and we finished eating breakfast, we decided to take some pictures to remember the day! We took so many of these and all of them were adorable, but I will just put up my favorite ones!

The reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day!

Family Picture

I love these guys! Steve's even smiling!!

My big girl and me!

My little guy and me!

He's so kissable!

After pictures, we had to run out and do some errands since Steve had to work on

Saturday. We did our grocery shopping and went to Target and the Post Office.

We had fun just being together and spending time together. After our errands were

finished, we went back home to unload groceries, feed Logen, and then get ready for lunch.

For lunch, we decided to head to Applebee's. We very rarely go out to a restaurant with the kids because Page tends to not be able to handle sitting for that long without running all around or losing it. However, again, Page gave me another wonderful present of being the most well-behaved little girl at lunch! I definitely see more family dinners out since she's shown us how great she can be!

Steve and Page having fun at lunch at Applebee's! What a bunch of nerds! LOL I love them, though!

Here is Logen enjoying his lunch time at Applebees!

After lunch, we were all exhausted and went back home to take naps! After naps, we ended the day by going swimming (sorry no pictures) and grilling out! We had a great time just enjoying each other and spending time together. After dinner, the kids took baths and it was bedtime. Once they were asleep, Steve and I were able to just relax on the couch and enjoy some TV together. I don't think I could have asked for a better Mother's Day! I hope all future Mother's Day are as wonderful as this year's was!

Thanks Steve, Page, and Logen for being so awesome and amazing! I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful husband and children! I love you!!

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