Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hustedt Update

Ok, so I'm sorry I've been so absentee. It's been so busy around here. Here is a little update on our crazy lives.

Logen turned 11 months on the 20th and he really is no longer my baby! He is officially walking. He stands up and walks to where he wants, not just taking steps anymore. He's climbing up on couches and turning into quite the little man! He is, as of this weekend when we finish off the last of his formula, officially off the bottle and off of formula! Yay!!!! He's such a big boy! Also, last night as I was making dinner, Steve and the kids were hanging out in the kitchen with me and Logen got into my free weights. Steve looked down and Logen was lifting weights!!! Now, they're only 6lb weights, but still! Here's some of his weight lifting pictures!

He kept closing his eyes.

Here's a good one.

Here, he actually stood up and lifted the weights. It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time! He's weight training for football early! Sorry it's a little blurry since he was moving.

Logen really is growing up so fast right before our eyes. He is learning so much and it's so fun to see. I can't wait to see him these next few weeks and when we're home again with family. I think he's going to love his birthday and Christmas.

Daddy/Daughter Date:
Steve and Page had a Daddy/Daughter Date on Saturday. They had lunch, played at the mall, and then went to the movies to see the new Muppets Movie. They've been planning this for months! They were so cute!

They went to lunch at McDonald's.

They went to the mall to play!

Steve bought her a new toy and Page "paid for" the snacks at the movies because she wanted to treat Daddy. It was pretty cute!

Page, Kermit, and Miss Piggy about to watch the new Muppets Movie.

Page apparently needs to eat more because Steve had to keep his hand like this the whole time or else the chair would flip up.

They both had a great time and are still talking about it. Logen and I ate McDonald's at home, he napped while I cleaned and finished decorating, and then we grocery shopped. It was a fun day for all!

Glendale Glitters:
Page and Logen got to meet Santa at Glendale Glitters. Surprisingly, they both loved him!

Decorating for Christmas:
Page and Steve with their new (as Page puts it, not me) Blowup Friends! The Frosty the Snowman is Page's and the M&M friend is Logen's.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures from the Hustedt Family.

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