Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beaming with Pride

Let me brag about my honey! Steve is out of town at a Conference for work. It is the United Methodist Communicator's Conference - a world wide event held in Nashville, TN every year. Steve (or someone from his team) has been attending this conference for the last three years, since Steve has been here. The first year, they won 2 awards. Last year they won four awards. I just talked to Steve and they won 6 awards this year!!!! One of the articles that he wrote (and was the winner of one of the 6 awards) was directly quoted by the Secretary during a Conference address. How exciting. I am so proud of Steve and his team. Keep in mind that when Steve got this job three years ago, he was the youngest Director of Communications in the United Methodist Church by almost 20 years. He has accomplished so much and made huge strides not only for himself but for the Desert Southwest Conference as well. He is nationally known and has been invited all over the nation to do seminars on communication and much more. Steve is doing amazing things and I'm so proud to be by his side during this all.

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