Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Here I am helping Page carry her new pumpkin!
I love this picture. She looks so content hanging out in the straw!
Again... such a cute picture. It reminds me of the farm!
Papa, you need to get one of these!
She's having so much fun!
She loved the straw bales. She's a little farm girl, just like her Mommy
Happy Family
Page and me in the cow tire
Page showing her Daddy how to drive the tractor
"Trust me, Daddy. Papa showed me how to work this thing!"

"Just let me do it!"
Page refusing to look at the camera
WEEEEEEE.... I love slides
Page loves petting goats
What's up with that face?
Which one... which one?

Steve, Page, and I visited a Pumpkin farm today. It was Page and Steve's first time ever. I tried to share my memories of childhood of going to pick pumpins and the fun we had has kids at pumpkin patches. It couldn't even match the fun we had today. Page was tired and "a little" grumpy. Steve tried to convince me that letting Page nap and then go might have been a good idea, but my excitement won out and we went before nap time. She was a little grumpy, but you can't tell from the pictures. She had a great time. However, that is why she is not looking at camera in any of the shots. Page loved the animals (especially the goats). She even saw a cow, that scared the heck out of her when it came right over to her and mooed in her face. Shhhh... don't tell Papa! She did however, LOVE the tractor. She had fun showing Daddy all the parts of the tractor and how it works. She told him that Papa taught her how to drive the tractor, so she would show him. :) It was VERY cute. Page also enjoyed the corn box. This is a large sandbox filled with corn kernals. Papa really needs to get one of these, it could have been hours of fun for Page. I'm sure her cousins would love it, too. Anyway, as you can see through the pictures, even though Page was a little grumpy at times, she had a great time and I think Page and Steve's first visit to a Pumpkin Patch was a great one. We may just have to go back again when she's in a better mood for some more pictures. Here are some of the adventures of Page.

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  1. Looks like a great time!!! We're hoping to get to the pumpkin patch soon (we're running out of time), too! I can't belive how grown up Page is looking these days! And it sounds like she's talking up a storm! This is a great way to keep us all updated. I think I need to update my blog with kiddo happenings too! Thanks!!!