Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Closer

Well, the time is almost here. Next week is Thanksgiving and then we move into the Christmas holiday! We will be leaving for home one month from tomorrow. We are so excited. The events with Steve's sister this past week have really made us realize and appreciate all we have and how much we have to be thankful for. We can't wait to spend Thanksgiving together like last year and then move into Christmas!!! We have our Black Friday tradtion that we are all looking forward to. Every year on Black Friday, we avoid the stores at all costs!!!! But, we do put up our Christmas tree, all of our decorations, and give Page her Black Friday gift (it's an ornament). She gets to put her new "gift" on the tree first and then we decorate and have fun together all while listening to Christmas music. We can't wait. I think Page will really enjoy it this year as she is older and can relate to more. Then, starts the baking season. The brownies, the cookies, the candies... yum yum.... We'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures and plenty of video to share with everyone. This is our favorite time of year and just knowing that it is quickly approaching brings joy to my heart!

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