Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Time

As promised, here is the blog with pictures from our awesome family time while my parents, My niece and nephew, Steve's brother, and my best friend were out for Logen's Baptism. We had a lot of fun!

Everyone got into town on Friday evening/night. Unfortunately, Steve had to leave for a work retreat Friday afternoon and returned Saturday late afternoon. We made the best of the time without him and tried to stay busy so we weren't sitting around thinking about missing him.

Saturday morning we decided to head to the University of Phoenix Stadium,where the AZ Cardinals play, for a stadium tour. There were a couple minor mishaps, but overall, I think everyone enjoyed the tour. Here are some pictures of everyone enjoying the tour.

Page, Alexis, Logen, and Joe looking down at the Stadium ground.

Joe posing in front of the roll in/out lawn.

Joe, Page, and Alexis relaxing in the visitor's locker room.

Chilling in the Press Box.

Alexis and Logen posing in a suite.

Aunt Vicki and Logen with some crazy football hats!

Alexis sporting her football hat.

Page an her random desire to have a picture with the Matt Leinart statue.

After the Stadium Tour, we were all a little hungry, so we decided to head to Westgate and get lunch. We decided on Margaritaville! Alexis had a great time teasing her mom via text because her mom has wanted to go to Margaritaville for some time now!

Such a tease... Even if it is virgin. :)

Group picture. We were seated in the boat!

Logen was so good at entertaining himself.

Of course, since we're nice, we went to the shop and got Aunt Vicki (the other Aunt Vicki - Alexis' mom) a T-shirt. But we had fun while we were there, too!

Cool guy Logen and Uncle Tony!

Joe and Alexis in front of Margaritaville with the Breese Journal! If you guys make the paper... I want a copy!

After lunch, it was clear that I had made Joe and Alexis wait long enough to go swimming! So we went back to the house and swam for several hours until Steve got home to join us! They really enjoyed the slide!

On Sunday we had the baptism and a little lunch party following. After the Bishop left and everyone had eaten enough, we all left to show Joe and Alexis and Vicki South Mountain. Mom, Dad, and Tony had all been here before and have all seen South Mountain before, but they still enjoyed going back.

Aunt Vicki and Logen

Alexis and Logen

Joe and Logen

Uncle Tony and Logen

Brothers - Tony and Steve

Best friends!!!!

We then left South Mountain and dropped Vicki off at the airport... Logen didn't want to let her go!

My parents and Joe and Alexis left very early Monday morning and Tony left Monday afternoon. We all just relaxed around the house until Tony had to go to the airport. We all had a great time and can't wait for more visitors!!!

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