Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Update

Sorry I've been so absent. We haven't been busy doing stuff, just busy having fun as a family. Nothing special, just teaching and watching Logen new things and just enjoying each other. Here are some random updates:

First of all, you all may remember our horrible first night of vacation when our 10 year old pug, Nudget, passed away. After we got back from vacation and I started to heal from the loss of my first "baby", we decided our family isn't meant to NOT have a dog. So one Saturday afternoon, we ventured out to the AZ Small Dog Rescue, a couple blocks from our house, and adopted this adorable little guy! His name is Huckleberry Hairball Hustedt (Triple H for all you wrestling fans). He has become part of the family and is the sweetest dog!!! Here's pictures of him and the family...

Here are some random pictures of the kids.

Second on our update list...
Logen is learning SO much! He's talking!!! He says: Da (Dad), Ba (bottle and all things food), Hi, and Hey. I'm sure Mom will be next. :( LOL

He's also army crawling, crawling, pulling himself up, he got his first haircut (we cut off his tail), we lowered his bed because of the pulling up, and he's eating everything in sight. He very rarely eats baby food anymore. No teeth yet, but I think there's one about to cut through. Page didn't cut her first tooth until she walked and turned 1, all within a couple weeks of each other. We'll see how similar they are. Here are some pictures of his recent accomplishments.

Now how do I escape?

Mmmmmm... Waffles! My favorite!

Lastly, Steve and I were finally able to go out on a date two Saturdays ago! We haven't been out since before Easter! One of the daycare Moms gave me two movie tickets and a free night of babysitting for Teacher Appreciation Day! She's so sweet! Anyway, we cashed it in two weeks ago! We dropped the kids off and headed out to dinner! Steve had gone to this amazing place called Seasons 52 with some work people and really wanted to take me. I was skeptical but it was AMAZING!!! All of their dishes are 450 calories or less and you definitely didn't leave hungry. It was awesome! We then went to the movies and saw Captain America.

It was a great night for all of us! I love date nights with Steve and based on the following pictures, we all enjoyed ourselves. Logen is happy anywhere doing anything, so there were no concerns!

Steve and me after we dropped off the kids!

Page and her friend, Gabriel. Maybe we should have other concerns! Gabriel's mom loves watching the kids, especially Logen, so maybe we'll get a few more date nights in! :)

And I almost forgot! Below are two pictures of a very happy little girl! Page's cousin, Maggie, wanted a Blue from Blue's Clues but couldn't find one anywhere. ): Page had one and decided to send it to her cousin! How sweet! I think she made her cousin very happy!

Notice there's no family resemblance at all... Hahaha... Yea right!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed all our wonderful updates! I'll try to stay on to of things a little better!

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