Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun

So today Steve had to leave for a three day work retreat. Since we knew how much we were all going to miss each other, we decided to have the best Labor Day together so we all had happy memories for while Steve was gone! It was successful!!!

We woke up and just relaxed around the house. It was nice to have a laid back morning. We all took our showers and got ready and this is what Logen and Page did while Steve and I got ready. They are so cute!

After we were all showered and ready to go, we left for our family lunch date! We went to eat at a family favorite... Old Chicago! It was yummy! Logen chowed down on TONS of fries!!!! Here's pictures of us at lunch.

After lunch, we had a little time before we were supposed to drop Logen off, so we decided to kill some time at Toys R Us. What were we thinking? We told Page we were just going to look for Christmas ideas and we weren't getting anything. Yea right! We managed to leave with JUST
one thing for both of them. Page got her Halloween costume: Strawberry Shortcake

and Logen got a Thor hammer that he used to club my knuckles while pushing the cart! He fell asleep with it in the car on our way to the Fernandez's house.

We dropped off the snoozing Logen with our daycare friend, Gabriel, and his mom, Sarah. We then headed to the mall for a movie!!!!

This was Page's first time out with just Mom and Dad since Logen has been born so it was very special. It was also Page's very first movie in the theater!!! We were all VERY excited. We bought our tickets for Cars 2 and walked in! The first thing we did was get snacks. Here is a very proud Page with her Kid's Pack!

Page did very well in the movie. She went to the bathroom twice and had to go outside and talk to Daddy for a couple minutes, but other than that, had tons of fun! Here are some pictures of us at the movies!

After the movie, Page and Steve saw a promo for the movie they are going to do their very first Daddy/Daughter Date for... The Muppets!!!

After picking up Logen and heading home, we all decided it was a great day!

We went home, ate dinner and relaxed for a little while. Apparently Gabriel wore Logen out playing with his police cars...

Because this is what Logen did as soon as we got home.

It was a great day and we already miss Daddy, but I will be keeping Page and Logen very busy these next two nights while Steve is gone. I'll blog on those later!

(I have two great videos to add, too, if I can figure out how to add them. If not, I'll just post them on FB).

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