Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Logen - 9 months

Ok, so this is a week late, but I was waiting until today when he had his doctor's appointment for his 9 month check up.

Height: 32 inches
Weight: 24 lbs, 12 oz
Diapers: Size 4
Clothes: mostly 12 month clothes, but 18 months for PJs and some shirts.

Food: Logen LOVES to eat! Surprise, surprise! He's pretty much completely eating "real" food and only eats one stage 2 container of either green beans or sweet potatoes right before bed. He still takes 4-6 oz of formula before morning nap, afternoon nap, evening nap, and bedtime! He also still eats like crazy (4 oz bottles) every time he wakes up during the night. He's down to usually only getting up twice, but when he's teething (like now) or not feeling well, it can be as much as four times a night. I very much look forward to when he sleeps through the night!!!!! That will be a great day/night!!!

Toys: Logen, you are really starting to show us your personality and interests. You LOVE ballball (football) and your Daddy couldn't be prouder. You have tons of footballs and love playing with them. You are also completely infatuated with super heroes, mostly Thor! Again... Daddy is beyond thrilled!

This month, you got your first haircut. Mommy attempted to cut it herself and failed miserably! So we went out and bought some clippers and now you look so grown up!!!

Teething- Yay!!! You are literally getting your very first tooth in as we speak! You've been wrestling with this tooth coming in for a good month or so, but it finally broke through and you, poor thing, cannot understand what is going on and why you feel so horrible. You poor thing!

Logen, this month you have also mastered crawling, and you are EVERYWHERE!!! I love how mobile and independent you are! I love sitting on the floor, holding out my arms, and seeing you race towards me! Sweetest thing!!! And starting this past weekend, you have moved from pulling yourself up on toys and furniture to standing all by yourself. You'll only do it for 10-15 seconds, but that's really a pretty long time if you think about it. Next step is WALKING!!! Yay!

Talking: Logen, you are so vocal! Daddy and I were convinced you wouldn't talk as much and as early as Page, but we were wrong! You are always talking. You are gaining quite the vocabulary. So far we have: Da (Dad), Ba (bottle or any food), Pa (Page), ballball (football), hey, hi, and FINALLY Ma (Mom).

Logen, you are becoming such a big boy and you change every day! You are the sweetest and most affectionate little boy. Mommy, Daddy, and Page all love you more and more everyday! I can't wait to see what new and exciting things you show us this month!

We love you, Baby Boy!

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