Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And the baby is....

A BOY!!!! We found out this morning that Logen Warren Hustedt will be born around Christmas 2010! He was being a little difficult at first and my heart sank when the ultrasound tech said the baby was laying on its stomach, thus not being able to see the gender. Then, she had me roll from side to side and poke my belly a little and the little guy moved... to reveal his third leg!! YEA!! This is what we thought it was and we're VERY happy. Page, however, is still asking for a sister and a puppy. Maybe a puppy next Christmas and sister at a later time, but not now. :)

It was so amazing to see our little guy, even more amazing to see him moving on the TV. It was breathtaking. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Steve was very proud, too. He gets his little boy and I get my Momma's Boy!

The name is Logen Warren Hustedt. Logen is after my Dad, Len. We've really liked the name Logan, and I've always wanted to name my son after my Dad. He made me promise I would never name a child Leonard or Lenny, so we decided to change the spelling of Logan to the -en ending so that the name "Len" is within the name. LogEN
The middle name Warren is after Bruce Warren, Sr. (i.e. Big Bruce) Big Bruce is the dad of Bruce, one of Steve's best friends and now brothers-in-law. Big Bruce was one of the most influential men in Steve's life growing up. It means the world to Steve and me to be able to give our son the names of two such a great guys who we love very much.

We can't wait to start shopping for all the little blue stuff for Logen and even more... to meet the little guy!

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