Friday, August 20, 2010

Proud Parents

So, this week at daycare, I decided to really step it up on the Pre-K stuff for Page and the other kids. Emily is only here on Thursdays and Fridays and Gabriel is only here on Wednesdays, but I hope to still get Page working every day, if even just for a little while. I was SO impressed with how smart she is. (I don't know why I was so surprised... her Mommy and Daddy are geniuses... LOL).

Anyway, it all started when she was watching Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. Yes, yes... I know. TV is bad for kids. I don't necessarily agree with that 100%, though. Too much TV is bad for kids, I'll give you that, but Page has learned SO much from her educational shows that she watches. She's learned her colors from Yo Gabba Gabba, some shapes from Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, some Spanish and Chinese from Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao, Kai-lan, and so much more.

Anyway, she was watching Mickey Mouse and as always they had to call for Toodles for help. Page was able to tell me every tool that would solve the problem they were having, before the TV told her. Then later, she was able to tell me the order in which the rocket ship needed to be put back together... in order of size. I was SO impressed. I've never taught her these problem solving strategies, but she knew them. Wow... I was literally knocked off my feet. I was beaming with pride.

After that, I started to feel bad. Why does she have to learn all of this from TV? I should be teaching her this stuff. And I have a little. We do flashcards and puzzles, but I think she really grasped it from the TV. So, I made a bunch of copies and today we started doing "school" which Page was SO excited about! She told Steve about it first thing this morning, that she was going to "school" while he went to work. Too cute!

So, today we started small. We worked on shapes and her name. On the shapes page, there were 8 shapes (heart, oval, square, triangle, rectangle, circle, diamond, and star). She was able to tell me 5 out of the 8 - the ones in red. I was impressed. So, we started the shapes packet and the first day was circles. They had to trace the circle of different pictures and then they colored INSIDE the circle. She did great. Later, we iced circles (Vanilla Wafers) and enjoyed eating circles. Page and Emily both had fun. They also had fun learning how to spell their names (we'll keep working on it) and then they got to trace the letters of their name over and over again. They looked so smart sitting at the table with their pencils and their worksheets. My baby is growing up!!! Look how big she looks. Our big girl!!!

I have attached some pictures of Page and Emily (Emily not pictured) working on their packets and also fingerpainting with pudding paint yesterday. I have video of them going over their shapes and their names, too, I just need to edit them and figure out how to upload video on here. :) Anyway, I'm so proud of how smart our little girl is! I hope that all this learning we are going to be doing will give her the edge over the curve in school. I'm also happy she LOVES "school". I guess it's all about making it fun!
Page starting her pudding paint fingerpainting project.

Her finished product... just for Daddy!

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