Monday, August 23, 2010

Pregnancy Update

So, we went to our monthly prenatal appointment on Wednesday. We got to have yet ANOTHER ultrasound. We just had one last month to reveal the sex of the baby, but this time they wanted to measure the baby's organs and check to see how big he was. There was some confusion as to how far along we really were. The first u/s showed him with a due date of January 3, 2011. Two weeks later, they did another u/s to check his progress and he was then showing a due date of December 27, 2010. This time, they checked his size and he was showing his size with a due date of December 25, 2010! Alas, they decided to keep his due date as the original January 3, 2011, and just know he is a big boy and weighing in 9 days bigger. He is the size of a large banana and weighs one pound!!! It was great to get to see our little guy again!!! And again... he was NOT shy!

In these pictures, you can see Logen punching me (he was VERY active that day - as usual), his "boy" picture (Steve loves how they label those pictures with "boy" in the top left corner), and lastly, he's looking at us!

As far as me with the pregnancy, everything seems to be going great. My belly bump is measuring 22 inches which is exactly where it should be and even though at this stage in the pregnancy I should have gained 8-14 lbs, I am still 2 lbs less than I was when we first found out we were pregnant. The Dr said since Logen is growing great and my belly is progressing fine, it's just fine! I've really been trying to eat well and keep my weight gain down... let's hope this trend continues throughout the pregnancy.

At this appointment, since we found out the official due date, we asked Dr. Bass a couple of questions. First of all, would he give us clearance to fly home for Thanksgiving (since we won't be home for Christmas)? He said, SURE! He'll evaluate again as it gets closer, but as of right now, he sees no signs of any kind of issues that would keep us home bound, so we bought our tickets on Thursday! Now we'll be able to be home for our baby shower! YEA!!! The second question we asked him... Will we induce again and how early can we? We REALLY want to have Logen home for Christmas if at all possible (of course not jeopardizing his health or safety), and Dr. Bass said it would be possible. So, as of right now, we plan to induce early, on December 22. If Logen is still growing bigger and bigger, we may even do it a little earlier! So... it looks like we will have our little boy home for Christmas! Since it will be RSV season, Page will not be allowed to come to the hospital to visit, so what better Christmas present... meeting her little brother when he comes home a day or two before Christmas!!!

We are all very excited and everything seems to be coming together. We have his baby bedding bought and should be delivered sometime this week, we registered for our baby shower, and we're just enjoying our time together the three of us, until our little family becomes four!!! We'll keep you updated as the pregnancy progresses!


  1. Congratulations!! How absolutely exciting. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

    <3 Jenny in MAine
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  2. Congratulations on your little boy!! You have such a cute family. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower.

  3. Congratulations Tricia, Steve and Page its SUPER EXCITING and I am soooo happy for you ALL... BEST of LUCK to you these last couple months Tricia :-) take care!!!