Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Page

Wow! My baby girl turned three years old on Friday, January 28!!! It's been a whirlwind ever since! I can't believe she's already three years old! In some ways it seems like just yesterday she was born, and in other ways, she seems so much older and I can barely remember life without her! Steve and I are so lucky to have such an amazing, smart, caring, and loving daughter. We couldn't have asked for more!!!
Friday morning, the first thing we saw on Facebook was this awesome picture/card that Danielle and Ryder sent to Page. Danielle took this picture the weekend before while she watched Logen and Page so Steve and I could go on a date. They are so cute together! Thanks Danielle and Ryder for being such great friends!
On Friday, we just celebrated her birthday at home as a family. We had Oregano's Pizza (Page's choice) and ice cream cake. She got to pick out her ice cream cake (the same one she picked out for my birthday a couple weeks ago). We also gave her one present (the biggest one because we didn't want to haul it into and out of Chuck E Cheese for her birthday party on Sunday). It wasa a Mickey Mouse Rocking Chair. She loved it. Here are some pictures of her chilling in her Mickey rocking chair and of her with her ice cream cake.
On Saturday, we just relaxed and ran our errands because we knew Sunday was going to be a very exciting day! On Sunday, Page had her birthday party with all of her friends! We went to Chuck E Cheese and had a great time. All of her daycare friends and their parents were there (Logan, Maddy, and Gabriel), her old daycare friends and their parents were there (Emily and Dominic) and of course, her boyfriend, Ryder, and Danielle and Derrik were there! Even "Mom and Dad's friends", Billy and Lindsey came to celebrate with Page. She had so much fun being surrounded by all the people in AZ she loves. Here are some highlights of her party! There are some pretty awesome videos, too, so if I can figure out how to load them onto my blog, I'll post them for all to see, too! Enjoy!
This is what Logen did most of the time during Page's party. His location may have changed... car seat, Danielle's arms, Alison's arms, Mommy's arms, Daddy's arms... that didn't matter, but his activity stayed the same. :)

Steve was a huge help just by doing what he wanted to do... go with Page to play games! They had a blast together. I tried to go with them and play as much as possible, but was also trying to do other things as well. Next time I think I'll spend more time with them and making sure Page is having fun than worrying about making sure everything is perfect.

What? Danielle is holding Logen? LOL! Danielle takes every chance she can to steal Logen from us. I didn't mind though. I was running all around trying to hang out with Page and Steve (thank goodness for Steve), take pictures, get the party ready, etc that the extra hand was appreciated! And as always, Derrik and Ryder could be found playing the basketball game! :) If you couldn't find those two... that's always the first place to look.

Another great thing about Page's birthday party is she got to see her friends, Emily and Dominic. Emily and Dominic used to come to daycare, but started going to their Grandma's back in September! Page and Emily are 7 days apart (age wise) and they were the best of friends. They were so cute... they just kept hugging each other. I think I see some playdates in the near future!

Page's awesome birthday cake. Lindsey made it just for Page. Page LOVED it. It was Disney Princesses on the sides... if you can't see it! There was even an Ariel figurine in front of the castle. Does Lindsey know Page or what?

Page getting ready for Chuck E Cheese to come out and start the birthday cake party!

Page decided she needed to help Rachel and Andy feed Logan.

Sarah, Gabriel, Maddy, Alison, and Kyle had fun enjoying each other's company and eating pizza and cake!
Here is Chuck E Cheese singing Happy Birthday to all of the "Birthday Stars!" Page liked him as long as he was no where near her! Hahaha

Alison holding Logen. Kyle claims she's getting baby fever... Maddy is 9 months old... maybe it's
time to try for a little brother! :)

These pictures don't do justice to how much fun was had by all. From what most of the parents said Monday morning, everyone went home and crashed into several hour naps! That's how you know it was a good time... everyone was exhausted!
Anyway, Steve and I look forward to the next wonderful year of Page and are so glad she now has her baby brother to share it with. I'm sure if the next year is anything like the last three, then it's going to be a blast!!!

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  1. I'm so glad it was such a special and wonderful day!