Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Logen Pictures

Ok, so I've been REALLY bad about blogging, I know. I just don't seem to have the time I did before Logen arrived. With the daycare kids back, it seems that they keep me pretty busy and when they don't, I'm snuggling with my new little baby boy or Page! They are both of the joys of my life and they love each other so much. It is so cute. Anyway, we are all doing well. Logen is growing like crazy (because he eats so much!) and is really starting to fill out and not look so newbornish. We actually had to move up his newborn pictures from the 22nd of this month to Saturday because we still wanted him to be small for his pictures. I can't wait to get them done. He's so stinking cute and the pictures with him and Page will be priceless! Anyway, here's what you all came here for. Here's some new pictures of the big guy and a few others sprinkled in. Enjoy!!!

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