Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our little Santa Logen! He had a rough night delivering presents, so now he's resting for a big day of opening presents and eating!!
Mommy and her little Santa! Isn't he adorable? Page picked out his outfit!
Big sister Page and Santa Logen. These two are so adorable together!!! Page picked out both of their Christmas outfits! I was very impressed with her choices!
Santa Logen and Santa Homer! They are pretty much the same size!
Santa Logen, Santa Homer, and Big Sister Page! She looks so BIG next to them!
Page enjoying her breakfast with some of her new Christmas presents! She had such a great Christmas and had so much fun opening her presents and helping Logen open his! She also decided that she was in charge of opening Steve's and my presents, too! It was too cute!
Merry Christmas!

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