Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, today I had to do something that I always knew I would eventually have to do, but never looked forward to. I had to let my first parent go at the daycare. Now this is a bittersweet experience. While I'm never happy to tell someone they can't bring their child to Miss Tricia's Daycare anymore (and lose the money) I can honestly say that this is for the best and I think I will be FAR less stressed out because of this decision.
The child I had to let go today was one of my first kids at Miss Tricia's Daycare, so it's kind of like a chapter is ending. Miss Tricia's Daycare is 3 1/2 months away from it's 1 year anniversary and I do still have my first kid ever, but I had to let my second child go. It is sad, but I won't miss the inconsistency and lack of communication with the parent. Also, while I am very fond of this child, as is everyone here at Miss Tricia's Daycare, I will not miss the tantrums and drama that came with this kid being present. My daycare is a completely different place without them, as sad as it sounds.
Anyway, I am taking this as a new beginning as I have a couple openings for the summer and fall, and I hope that I can get some more great kids in here that become a part of Miss Tricia's Daycare family. So, I look forward to this new beginning and what the summer/fall hold for us!

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