Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another BIG milestone

Well, this weekend brought some pretty exciting things to our home!!!! All day on Saturday (and literally ALL day - sorry Danielle for not making it to Music in the Park) we spent the day preparing for Page's big move! We spent the morning researching the best (cheapest) place to get Page a new bed. We ended up at Big Lots and decided to get her a Twin bed instead of a Toddler bed. Page got to help pick it out. Now, we had the bed and Steve and Page started putting it together, while I started looking for a cheap mattress for the bed. We looked everywhere, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money. We couldn't find anything, the cheapest was $100 at Big Lots. Then I went on Craigslist (I should have done this at the beginning). I found someone who was selling a Twin bed, bed spring, mattress, and sheets all for $100. So, we decided to make the 30 minute drive to the North Valley and pick up the bed. At this point, we had already opened and started making Page's new bed. So, we now have two Twin beds, but we are still a mattress short! Oh well, we'll put the other bed up as a guest bed when we get a new mattress. Anyway, we got it all put together and ready while Page was napping (in the Daycare nap room). She woke up and got to finally see her new bed! She loved it!As soon as Page saw her new bed, she immediately asked Daddy to read her a book! THAT'S MY GIRL!!! She loved it! She needed a picture with both Mommy and Daddy!
Now, we've both heard horror stories as to how hard some kids transition into Big Kid beds, so we prepared for the worst. Page is very independent and has a mind of her own, so we were a little scared about how Page would do. So, we changed her door knob so we could lock her in (I know it sounds horrible, but it turned out it wasn't necessary) and we left her crib in the room in case it just didn't happen. We gave her the option as to which bed she wanted to sleep in and she immediately chose her Big Girl bed. She went RIGHT to sleep. We told her she could play IN HER BED for 5 minutes but then it was night night. She was asleep in 3 minutes! She fell out of the bed once but was fine. She doesn't get out of bed until one of us comes in and tells her she can get up and when she is awake, she just plays or reads in her bed. It's great!!!
She was sick Sunday and Monday morning and she was more upset about puking on her new Princess sheets and big girl bed than she was about being sick! Poor little girl! She loves her new bed so much! I'm so glad she transitioned so well!!! We are so proud of our little Princess!!!!

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