Friday, April 16, 2010

Ahhhh... Arizona

Well, for all you family and friends back home that I tease in the winter.... now it's your turn! It's the middle of April and yesterday it hit the 90s!!!! I know, the 90s in April is crazy, but not here. It's just the beginning. Page does still love playing outside, though. She could care less about the heat and I lather her up in suntan lotion. I think I'll be busting out the water table this weekend and MAYBE if Steve's up to it, we'll finally make our inaugural pool dive - our first time in the pool of the year. I love this time of the year, I love my HUGE pool, and I love the great times that Steve, Page, and I have in the pool. I can't wait for when it's warm enough in the evenings to swim. Usually, Steve and I wait until Page goes to sleep, put on our suits, turn on the pool light, and then just hang out in the pool - just the two of us. It is our time to talk and reflect, and in what better place?

So, if any of you were looking for a nice place to come to visit with a pool, great weather, and great company, look no further! Let us know when you're on the way!!! We'll have the drinks chilling for you!

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