Monday, November 1, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 31 weeks

Pregnancy Update - 31 weeks (33 weeks)

How Far Along: 31 weeks or 33 weeks based on Logan's size at our last Ultrasound

Size of Baby: 31 weeks - about 16.25 in and 3.3 lbs (although Logan was 3.3lbs at 28 weeks) 33 weeks - about 17 in and 4.25 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 12 lbs gained

Maternity Clothes: Solely wearing maternity clothes. Still loving my jeans and comfy tops

Gender: Baby Boy - Logen Warren

Movement: He has kind of slowed down a little during the day (apparently he's sleeping more per my weekly e-mails) but he's still VERY active in the evenings and at night!

Food Cravings: Egg sandwiches and spicy foods

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night, having my emotions in check, and not getting winded so much.

Sleep: I'm SO sleepy lately. I wake up a couple times throughout the night and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable sleeping and in general.

Symptoms: Lower back aches, rib aches, and just overall comfortable.

Best Moments This Week: Taking Page Trick or Treating and getting our family pictures taken. I can't wait to schedule our maternity pictures for the beginning of December!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Setting up our Maternity Pictures, getting ready for our trip to IL, and enjoying the nice fall weather with Page and Steve!

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