Sunday, December 26, 2010

Introducing Logen Warren Hustedt

I know this is VERY late, but I would like to introduce to you... LOGEN WARREN HUSTEDT!!
Logen was born on December 20, 2010 at 12:27pm. He was 7 lbs and 3 oz and 20 inches long.
We were supposed to go into the hospital on Sunday night, December 19, at midnight to induce labor, however, Logen had different ideas. I woke up Sunday morning at about 8am and was already having contractions. They started coming about every 20 minutes and continuously got closer and closer together until at about noon when I called the hospital as the contractions were coming every 7 minutes.
The hospital said to come on in and they would check us out. So, of course, I showered and finished getting ready (a girl has to look good while having a baby, right? LOL). We dropped Page off at the Fernandez's (one of my daycare kids' house), who lived only a mile from the hospital, and then Steve and I headed to the hospital. It was 1:00pm on Sunday. I was having contractions very frequently, but they weren't really intense or anything. I hadn't progressed much, so they had us get up and walk around for an hour, and then I had progressed enough for them to admit me.
Once we were admitted, we got our own room (this was about 4:00pm) and I was still contracting pretty frequently. I got the epidural at about 7pm (they gave it to me before I asked for it as they were trying to slow down the labor so that my delivery might wait until my actual doctor was there in the morning. There were pros and cons to this, but we just went with it. In the end, we did make it to Dr. Bass delivering Logen and it was ALL worth it!!
I'll spare you all the details, except the fact that I was in labor (at the hospital) for 23.5 hours and it was SO boring until the last 20 minutes! Steve and I played on our phones, facebooked, talked to friends, and slept when we could, to pass the time.
Finally at about noon (Dr . Bass thought it would be closer to 1 or 2pm), I called the nurse in as I was REALLY feeling the contractions and had the urge to push. She called the doctor to come over to the hospital (from his office next door) and told him we would try to wait for him, but she couldn't make any promises! I actually started to push before he made it, but Dr. Bass was present for the actual delivery!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!
Logen was born very quickly (unlike his sister - I pushed for 8 hours with Page) and after pushing for less than 10 minutes, I witnessed the most amazing thing... my son being born! He was here and he was perfect!!! Enjoy the pictures.

Luckily, we found out that the hospital hadn't started their RSV restrictions yet, so Page WAS able to come to the hospital and meet Logen!!! We were so thankful for this and she LOVES her baby brother! She is already such a great big sister and we are so proud of her! I'll post another blog with pictures of them from Christmas!

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