Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures and Update

This one is my favorite!
This one, too!

So, here are some of the long awaited maternity pictures that we got taken this past weekend. I think they turned out great. I'm only posting a few, for times sake, but if you would like to see more - check out my facebook page.
Also, we had our final doctor's appointment this morning. Logen has made no new progress. He hasn't dropped any more so Dr Bass thinks he's going to hold out and wait for his induction. We did finally get our induction orders. We are scheduled to go in to the hospital at midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. We have to call at 11pm to make sure we are still a go, but we are getting VERY excited. Basically, the only way we won't go in on Sunday night is if too many women go into labor naturally and they are full. We were given the same warning with Page and we were supposed to call at 10pm with her and we ended up getting a call at 6pm asking if we could be there at 7pm, 4 hours early!!! So, we're hoping we get in on Sunday, but there are advantages to being bumped to the 22nd, too (i.e. Charity will be here to watch Page and we wouldn't have to bring Page to someone else's house). But we are all set up and ready if we do go in on Sunday. Page would go to one of her daycare friends' house - Thank you Fernandez Family - you are AWESOME!!!! She is excited about the thought of a sleep over, but it would be her first, so I think I'm more nervous than her! LOL I guess I'll have other things to focus on.
So, I guess this is me signing off until we have more to report! Hopefully the next post will be Announcing Logen!!!! Wish us luck and we're going to try and have a nice, relaxing, fun weekend before our lives change forever!!!

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