Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Cards, O Christmas Cards...

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is my favorite time of year (especially this year, hehehe). I love the decorations, the MUSIC, the holiday spirit, and of course, the cards. I usually start planning out my Christmas cards in October or sooner! :) I love taking pictures and I love sharing our family pictures with family and friends, so what a better way than with Christmas cards. The best, easiest, and usually cheapest way to go when sending Christmas cards with pictures is to order from Shutterfly.com. They have so many cute ideas and you can tailor the cards to your liking. They have cards with all different number of pictures and themes! You can't go wrong. They have something for everyone. Here are just a few options that I love.

If you've already gotten/sent your Christmas cards, Shutterfly.com also has calendars, prints, mugs, etc. For example, every year, Steve and I make family calendars of his family and give them out as Christmas presents. This way all of the family can keep up with the growing family and everyone's birthdays and has a nice familiar face (every family has a different month) every month! You can also create a photo blog on Shutterfly.com... and I'm pretty sure you get free prints just for creating an account and even more for creating a blog site!

So, if you still need Holiday cards or any other photo gifts, head on over to Shutterfly.com and order your cards today.

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