Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 28 (sort of)

Pregnancy Update - 28 Weeks (technically)

Pregnancy Highlights: Technically I am 28 weeks and 2 days today. I waited to write the update until today because we had a Dr's appointment today! So... here's all the info!

How far along: Per the due date, I am 28 weeks and 2 days. Although, today the ultrasound had my estimated due date at 30 weeks and 2 days. That's right, he's measuring 2 full weeks bigger! I think we have a big baby on our hands!!!

Size of Baby: He is 3lbs and 3oz.... again, should be measuring about 2lbs 3-5oz right now!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained 4 pounds this month which is 7 pounds total! Steve told me in the car on the way home that the 4 pounds were from my cupcake/muffin obsession this month! Needless to say... I'm over that! Hahahaha

Maternity Clothes: LOVING my maternity clothes. I found a bunch of super comfy and cute maternity jeans at the resale shop by my house. I can't stand spending $30 on a single pair of jeans that I'm only going to wear for another 3 months, so I spent $15 for 4 pairs!!! And they are SO cute and comfy. I also bought a dress and a couple tops - also quite cheap if I might brag! :)

Gender: A beautiful baby boy - Logen Warren Hustedt

Movement: VERY active. He's kicking very low, which is apparently because he's still in the breech position - completely normal for this time frame. But it makes for some emergency bathroom breaks throughout the day. I swear he loves my bladder!

Food Cravings: Well, now that I'm past my cupcake/muffin phase, I'm not really craving anything. I still eat apples and bananas daily, but nothing in particular.

What I Miss: I miss the sight of my feet. If I'm standing up... all I can see is belly! I also miss getting to wear heels. I was able to wear them the whole pregnancy with Page, but my ankles and tummy aren't so excited about them this time around. The good news is, it gave me an excuse to go shoe shopping and buy a couple new pairs of shoes!

Sleep: I'm having a little harder time sleeping lately. I fall right to sleep, but I'm waking up more and it's getting more and more uncomfortable. I believe it was around week 36 or 37 that I started sleeping in the recliner. I hope I can hold out that long again, but I don't know if that will happen or not.

Symptoms: The Braxton Hicks contractions were a little much last week, but I think that was my fault. I've had a couple days with none, so I think I'm taking it a little easier. I'm still a little uncomfortable throughout the day (backaches, groin pains, etc) but nothing too bad! It's all worth it in the end!

Best Moments This Week: Taking Page to the Pumpkin Patch with Steve, our appointment today and getting to see Logen and sharing those special moments with Steve, and hanging out with Danielle and the kids. I'm treasuring all this time we have together now as soon, we'll have a new baby in the mix and it will add an extra element of fun and stress! :)

What I Am Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to so much! Our trip to San Fransisco, CA next week, our trip home next month (including the Baby Sprinkle), finishing getting ready for Logen, and Charity and Canaan visiting over Christmas. I think these next couple months are going to fly by!!! Life is great!!!

Here is the link to the video of Logen's ultrasound today! He yawns at 2 minutes and 15 seconds. It is VERY adorable! Enjoy.

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