Sunday, October 3, 2010

Excellent Weekend

What a fantastic weekend!!! Be ready for lots of pictures!!!

On Saturday, Steve and I FINALLY had a date night. We were trying to figure out how long it's been since he and I have been out alone together, and we decided it was either at Christmas when my parents watched Page while we were home or since then when a friend of ours, Marisa, watched Page. (We couldn't remember is Marisa watched her before or after Christmas). Anyway, my wonderful friend, Danielle, and her husband Derrick, and Steve and I finally decided we should start switching off date nights since they don't know many people or have any family here, either. This was the first time we actually did the date night switch, so it was exciting.
We offered the first weekend to them since they just celebrated their anniversary on Wednesday, but Derrick wanted to wait until next weekend since there was a movie coming out he wanted to see. So, Steve and I jumped at the opportunity to go out first. We dropped off Page at Danielle and Derrick's (and Ryder's) and while she cried at first, Danielle texted maybe 2-3 minutes later that she was fine and Page and Ryder were playing happily. Now it was time to focus on us. So, Steve and I decided to go to an early movie and then hit dinner afterwards. So, we headed to Westgate (the area right by the AZ Cardinals Stadium) and went to watch Resident Evil: The Afterlife 3D. It was AWESOME! I definitely suggest you watch it in 3D. It made it SO much better. At one point in the movie, Steve and I both looked at each other as we wiped the blood from our 3D glasses (obviously there was nothing really there, but we both thought it was funny that we both wiped the glasses at the exact same time).
After the movie, we walked around Westgate to find a restaurant. It was a Saturday night at 7:30, so we were really looking for somewhere that we weren't going to have to wait an hour to get a table. We ended up at Margaritaville. We had never been there before and it was a great experience. The atmosphere was awesome and seems like a very child friendly place, too, so we may go back and bring Page. They have people on stilts walking around making balloon animals for kids. It was pretty cool.
But dinner ended and we went to pick up Page. She had such a great time. Thankfully Danielle took TONS of pictures and shared them with me via her blog (and I stole them for my blog). Next weekend, Ryder is coming to our house to play while Danielle and Derrick go out to dinner and a movie. Page is ALREADY asking to go back to Danielle's and to play with Ryder. Little does she know we have a lot planned this upcoming week/weekend with Danielle and Ryder! Enjoy some pictures of Page and Ryder.

On Sunday, we all woke up and ran our errands and then prepared for our fun day of Halloween decorating. It was VERY hot outside, and yes, Page is wearing two shirts - don't ask me why, so we tried to decorate as quickly as we could. We have a spider theme that all of our decorations fit into. We always love decorating outside for the holidays. Hopefully when we decorate for Fall and Christmas, it won't be triple digit weather! :) So, here are pictures of the decorating process, Page playing in the yard while Daddy decorates, and Steve and Page relaxing with some water examining the final product! Let the fun begin!

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