Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ryder's Visit

Last night Steve and I babysat for Ryder while his Mommy and Daddy, Danielle and Derrick, got to go out on their much deserved date night. They watched Page for us last weekend while we did date night. Page was looking forward to Ryder coming over the entire week. She was so excited all day yesterday and they had a blast!!!

They enjoyed playing outside in the backyard together. Page loves playing out there, but loves it even more when she has someone to play with. Steve even commented on how well they play together. Page sometimes has territorial issues with other kids when playing with her toys (you would think the daycare would help with that - and it has a little bit, but not totally) but her and Ryder never argued over toys at all! They were so cute playing together.

Danielle and Ryder made cupcakes and brought "surprises" over for the kids to play with. The Halloween baskets filled with stamps and PEZ were a HUGE hit! I think they ate so many PEZ that their dinner appetites were spoiled, but hey... you're only a kid once. After dinner, Ryder and Page decided they were going to practice their big brother and big sister skills (Danielle is also pregnant) by having stroller races around the house. It was pretty cute!
Then they needed a bath! We got them both into their suits and put them in the bathtub! They had a blast playing with the toys and "swimming". It was really cute as at one point, they were swimming and Ryder almost kicked Page in the face (accidentally, of course) and I told them to be careful and watch out for each other and Page replied with, "It's OK, Mommy. Ryder can't hurt me. He's family." It was VERY cute!!!
After bath, they played with Page's tunnels. I think the PEZ (in the bowl) might have had an impact on their energy levels!
It was a great night and Page fell right to sleep after Ryder left! I think we have more date night swaps planned for the near future!


  1. So cute! Love them all :) I'd love to know what "bathing suit" Ryder had on in a house with only a little girl haha. Probably glad we can't see it in the pictures! Thanks for taking such great care of our little man. Sooo excited for some more date nights for us... I think the kids like them more anyhow!

  2. LOL... I just put him in a Nemo Little Swimmer. No suit! Hahaha