Friday, October 8, 2010

Third Trimester Fun

Well, I've been in my third trimester since Monday... that means 5 days. I think these last three months are going to be fun. Hahahaha. This week at the daycare I've had only one kid (all the other kids are on vacation or have Grandma in town watching them). So, we decided to have some fun this week. We've been keeping busy and getting out of the house. We've visited Danielle and Ryder, gone to McDonald's for lunch, and yesterday, we ventured out to the zoo! It's been a VERY fun and exciting week, but I think it's taking a toll on me.

Yesterday after the zoo (keep in mind we were there for maybe an hour and a half), we went to Steve's office to have lunch with him. Then we came home and I put Page and daycare Logan (not to be confused with Logen in my belly) down for nap. They both were out almost immediately at 1:30 and neither of them woke up until Logan's dad got here at 5pm. Wow! I guess I wore them out. I should have taken that as a hint and rested myself, but instead I decided to bake cookies while they napped. Whew... by 5 o'clock when they woke up, I was exhausted. I started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn't have these with Page, so I was excited to get to experience a "new" part of pregnancy. I'm weird... I know.

When Page woke up, she and I had to run to the grocery store and I noticed that when I put on a new pair of shoes (I literally just bought them a couple weeks ago and they were a little big when I bought them), they no longer fit my feet. I knew this would happen as it happened with Page, but my feet and ankles were so swollen. So, after leaving the store, I called my mom to chat and she calmly (hahaha) explained to me that I clearly overdid it yesterday and this week. My body was trying to tell me to relax and slow down. So, I decided that my mom gave me permission to not make dinner, so I ordered Applebee's for Steve and me. LOL... again... another big mistake!!! Steve and I always get the quesadillas from the appetizer menu. They are SO yummy! For some reason, mine seemed SO MUCH spicier this time. Anyway, after eating dinner... I had no choice but to just lay on the couch and relax... I now was experiencing Braxton Hicks (still), swollen feet and ankles, and heartburn and acid reflux! What a fun evening! :)

Thankfully my wonderful husband takes such good care of me and grabbed whatever I needed and just let me rest... and he only laughed or made fun of me a couple times. Yes, I deserved this wake up call. I need to realize that I'm not superwoman when I'm 6 months pregnant. But even with all that "fun" stuff last night, I couldn't be happier. I love all the symptoms of pregnancy as it reminds me of the little guy I have growing inside of me. I love being pregnant, even if it does make me slow down sometimes.

Steve and I go back to the doctor next Wednesday for my glucose test, our 3D ultrasound, and my first third trimester check-up! We will then begin going every two weeks and then when we return from IL after Thanksgiving, we'll be going every week. Our October and November seem to busy that I think the next three months are going to fly by! We can't wait to have our little guy in our arms!!!

Logen... keep growing and reminding Mommy to slow down! We can't wait to meet you! We love you so much!!!

Some fun pictures from yesterday's adventure at the zoo. If you want to see all of the pictures - they are all on FB.

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