Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Update: 26 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 26 weeks - next Monday I enter my third trimester
Size of Baby: He is about 9.4 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Currently I have gained 5 lbs total this pregnancy
Maternity Clothes: Always. I was able to hold out and wear some of my regular shorts and tops until about a week or so ago. I've really popped since then and maternity clothes are all I feel comfortable in currently.
Gender: Boy - Logen Warren Hustedt
Movement: Oh my goodness. He is a mover! Logen is always kicking and/or punching. He is particularly active VERY early in the morning, whenever I'm rocking babies to sleep, and in the evenings when Steve and I are cuddling on the couch.
Food Cravings: I haven't been too bad this time. I get random cravings every once in a while, but in the evenings, I always need something sweet and chocolaty, even if it's just a granola bar with chocolate in it. But I have also been eating LOTS of apples! I usually eat at least one a day, sometimes more!
What I Miss: I miss being able to sit up or get off the couch without moaning or having to roll off the couch/out of bed. I remember this phase with Page, but I don't remember it happening so early. I also miss my memory. It seems to be shot lately! :) Pregnancy brain as we call it!
Sleep: I've been really tired in the evenings lately. I have PLENTY of energy during the day and I think I use it all up, because come 9:30... I'm exhausted! Once I'm asleep, I'm usually good, but the frequent night time potty breaks have already surfaced.
Symptoms: Other than the constant kicking, just getting winded a little easier and already starting to waddle a little. My hips have been a little sore, but thankfully the round ligament pains have subsided. They were much worse.
Best Moment This Week: Steve and I were laying on the couch watching TV and he had his hands on my belly (but a little too high to feel Logen kicking). I told him that I wished his arms were a little longer (for anyone who knows Steve, you already know he has abnormally LONG arms) and we both just sat there and laughed and laughed (I cried I was laughing so hard) until I just moved up a little and then Steve got to feel the wrath of Logen, too. Logen can always tell when his Daddy is nearby because he starts doing somersaults and high kicks!
What I Am Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to next week when we finally hit our third trimester. I know the third trimester can sometimes be the longest one (emotionally and physically) but I can't wait. We have so much stuff planned in the next couple weeks that I think this time is going to fly by. October is a SUPER busy month and then it's home for Thanksgiving and then a couple weeks later... there's our little guy! I'm doing my best to schedule as much stuff as I can between now and then so we can have as much fun with Page as an only child and so that we stay busy to pass the time! Page is going to be the best big sister... we can't wait to until she (and we) gets to meet Logen!

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