Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

I noticed I haven't blogged at all this week, so I figured I would just give an update on the week and share some random thoughts... Enjoy the sheer randomness that is Tricia's mind lately...

1) This week at daycare, Maddy and her mom went on a trip to St. Louis for a week and a half. She was here Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of this week and all of next week, it's just Logan, the daycare Logan - not to be confused with "in my belly Logen - spelled differently, (with the occasional Gabriel sprinkled in). Or so I thought. We had all kinds of plans for our easy week. For example, today (Thursday) Page, Logan, and I were planning a trip out to Goodyear to spend some time at Danielle and Ryder's house. They come to our place often to play, but we decided we'd make the 30 minute drive this time so Danielle didn't always have to use her gas! Page was BEYOND excited about going. That's all she's talked about for almost 2 days. We were all packed up and ready to go when my cell phone rang.

(Back story - yesterday I had a guy call and ask if he could bring his 5 year old son to my house as a daycare drop in. I said sure, I had the room and with Maddy gone, could use the extra cash. He was a pretty good kid, but has a hard time sharing and playing with the younger kids, but hey, for 5 hours, I could handle it! No big deal.)

Anyway, my phone rings and it's the guy from yesterday, wanting to bring his son over again... in 5 minutes! Every thought raced through my head... Do I tell him no since we're going to Danielle's? I can't tell Page no now after I've been hyping it for so long and she's so excited. Do we see if Danielle and Ryder can come here? Do I ask him if I can bring him with me? I can't really pass up $30 just to go play. So, I decided to be honest and explain the situation and tell him that we've had this planned, but Micah (the little boy) is more than welcome to come with us if he was OK with me driving with him. He said it was fine and that he would be there in a couple minutes - he really wasn't joking, I swear he was there in 2 minutes. So, I loaded all the kids into the truck! We got to Danielle and Ryder's and everyone was excited to see each other. They played pretty well together but there were some rough spots. Page got jealous that Micah and Ryder were playing together when she was supposed to be playing with Ryder. That all eventually got worked out and Danielle got her baby time with Logan. In the end, it turned out to be an OK morning play date. Page VERY MUCH looks forward to the next time she can go and play with Ryder at his house - only she wants to go alone this time. Hahaha...

2) That leads to the next big thing this week! Steve and I FINALLY get a date night!!!! I honestly don't know the last time we went out together, just the two of us. I think it's been at least 6 months, I know we weren't pregnant with Logen yet! Anyway, Danielle and Derrick don't know many people here, nor do we, so we decided to swap babysitting. They are watching Page on Saturday at their house while Steve and I do dinner and a movie and we will watch Ryder at our house next weekend while they do dinner and a movie! Page is excited about going back to Danielle and Ryder's on Saturday. I haven't told her yet that Steve and I aren't staying, but I think she'll be OK. Knowing Page, she'll cry for a minute or two, but then she'll forget all about us, especially since they are taking her to McDonald's!

Steve and I are just excited about a little husband and wife time alone together. We are going to see the new Resident Evil movie. Before kids, Steve and I went to the movies almost every weekend. We can't wait to see a movie in the movie theater! It's the little things in life. :) We're going to have a great time and I'm sure Danielle and Derrick will, too, next weekend!

3) I've been in a weird baking frenzy. I know, I said random... there's no rhyme or reason to my thoughts currently. Yesterday I woke up and baked chocolate chip muffins! They were DELICIOUS! Page decided they were cupcakes so she had to ice and decorate a couple for herself. They were very yummy and while I was planning on sharing them, there are only 3 left, so I guess it's just Logen and me that get to enjoy them! This morning, I woke up and baked homemade banana bread. I was planning on making this yesterday, but with Micah here, I didn't have the time I thought I did to get them made. This time I did share, though. My recipe makes 2 loaves and Steve and I can never finish both, so I brought one for Danielle and Derrick to share. Danielle is pregnant, too, so if she's anything like me, Derrick will maybe get a piece or two! :) LOL... sorry Derrick! I still feel like baking, but I don't know what else to bake. Steve even made the comment that it smells like the holidays in our house because of all the baking I'm doing. I guess I'll have to find something else to make tomorrow.

4) I said earlier that Maddy is gone all next week. Gabriel will be gone all next week, too, as his Grandma will be in town. So, it's just Page and Logan (and maybe Micah... who knows) so we are planning a trip to the zoo next week. Danielle and Ryder are planning to join us as well. Hopefully Micah's dad can give me more than a few minutes notice next week if he needs care. I don't think I'll bring Micah to the zoo with us, just because it'll be harder to keep track of everyone and my car is just big enough for Page, Logan, Ryder, Danielle, and myself, so... But since it's an easy week, I figure I might as well get the kids out of the house and enjoying nature and some culture! We may even end up back in Goodyear again for a day or two, depending on everyone's schedules! I love easy weeks, although that usually means less money weeks! It's a good thing those easy weeks don't come around too often.

Anyway, I think that's all the randomness for now. I know I have more, but I feel like I'm just rambling. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share, but I will try to get some this weekend. I will definitely post a date night picture and tell all about our wonderful night! That should give all you readers out there something to look forward to! Have a great rest of the week!

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