Friday, September 17, 2010


So, there's so much going on right now. I'm so excited to have so much exciting stuff happening. I'm finding myself in a much better mood lately. I guess that's a good thing. So, to update you on all the wonderful things... here goes (in no particular order).

1) We had our final second trimester doctor appointment on Wednesday! I can't believe that the next time we go (in a month) we'll be in the third trimester. This appointment went well. I gained 5 lbs this month (3 lbs total gained from beginning of pregnancy for those of you keeping track). I wasn't too surprised by the weight gain with all the stress and travelling and comfort eating I had been doing the past month. But now it's time to get back on track! Logen is still strong and growing and was even kicking so hard while the doctor was getting his heartbeat that it scared Dr.Bass at first! It was pretty funny. And even better than that... Steve felt Logen move for the first time that night! I'm so glad to finally be able to share that experience with him! He's getting SO much more active lately. I feel like a human punching bag sometimes! :)

At our next appointment, I have to take the dreaded glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. They aren't concerned, this is just routine. The stuff just tastes SO bad... yuck. Then, while we're there, we are getting our 3D Ultrasound. I can't wait. I remember getting Page's 3D Ultrasound done. She really looked like a little baby then... I can't wait to see Logen's beautiful face. Hopefully one of our kids will look like me. (As Steve would say... doubtful).

We also at this last appointment got our admissions paperwork for the hospital for delivery. Wow! I don't remember getting that so early with Page. I have three months to go... but hey, I guess better safe than sorry and better to be prepared. It's all starting to feel so real. I actually read in one of my books that if Logen was to be born today, he would actually have more than a 50% chance of surviving. While I prefer slightly higher percentages than that, that was pretty exciting to hear.

2) I know it's corny, but I'm so excited that fall is just around the corner and the weather will be cooling down here. My friend, Danielle, and I already have started making plans for taking Page and Ryder to the Pumpkin Patch and dragging our husbands along! Page had such a blast last year and she asks to go EVERYDAY. I think she'll have even more fun having Ryder there to play with. We are also going to do trick-or-treating together. I got my costume in the mail on Wednesday, Page's should be on its way, and we are going to get the stuff for Steve's costume either this weekend or next. I'm VERY excited.

Other than just the Pumpkin Patch and trick-or-tricking, I also bought a Zoo Membership today! I can't wait to take Page to the zoo all the time now that the weather is cooling down. I'm even thinking of maybe trying to schedule a field trip with the daycare kids if I can get a mom or two to help out! What a fun time that would be. I love it out here in October through December, when the weather is SO nice to be outside. I know Page can't wait to play in the backyard and to sidewalk chalk again.

3) Steve surprised Page and me with a trip to San Francisco in October. He is going to be there all week for work and we had at one time talked about meeting him there, but decided against it because of finances. But, we found some awesome deals (he has a free ticket because of work, he had a free ticket for Page to use, and I found SUPER cheap airfare for myself) so it's totally affordable. This is going to be our final vacation just the three of us (other than home for Thanksgiving) before Logen is born. Steve and I took a trip in October of 2008 before Page was born to L.A. as our "Last Childless Vacation". I can't wait. When we get back, I'll have to post pictures from our 2008 and 2010 vacations to compare the bellies! HAHAHA

4) There are some wonderful things happening to some of my friends. I'm actually not at liberty to discuss any of them, but they have good and exciting things happening. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to tell everyone all about all of it!

5) I'm just happy!!! Maybe it's because I went to bed SUPER early last night (I wasn't feeling well) while Steve stayed up and played video games, but I am just in a happy mood today. Maybe it's the weekend and knowing that I have so much to be thankful for! I can only imagine the other good things heading my way!! I look forward to it all!

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