Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Days Ahead

So, I was just looking over my blog and realized how sad and depressing it has become. Yes, it's been a rough week or so, but hopefully now we can all move on and focus on the happy times to come and celebrate life rather than mourn it.

I'm so glad to be home. It's nice to get Page back into her routine and back into the swing of the daycare. I've realized how lucky I truly am. Thus, this blog is going to be dedicated to me listing all the wonderful things that I have to be truly thankful and grateful for!!!

1. The most wonderful and loving husband! Steve is my best friend and my rock. Sure, there's rough times, but we are always there for each other when it matters and I can always depend on him when I am sad, lonely, or need a laugh.
2. A fantastic, smart, and beautiful little girl. I don't think Steve and I could have asked for more when thinking of Page. She is so incredible and is growing up into the most wonderful and beautiful (inside and out) young lady. She's getting so big so fast!

3. A healthy and easy pregnancy. While the flights home and back weren't always so easy with Logen in tow, I am lucky that I have been overall blessed with a healthy and easy pregnancy.

4. Wonderful parents, sisters, brother, and many many in-laws on both sides. Without my family, I don't know where I'd be. We all have differences from time to time, but we all love each other and I'm so glad that I am from a large family and Steve is, too. It makes things so much more fun. Many people missing in both pictures. Sorry.

5. Fantastic friends. I have the best friends ever. I have friends that I can count on to be there for me in my darkest hours (Vicki - thanks again for coming to the funeral home. I miss you so much) and friends that are always there for me to talk to and run into in the strangest places (Danielle, I still don't know how it was possible for us to be in the same LARGE airport on the most random of days and happen to see each other, but I'm glad we did. Just seeing you and Ryder made my day a little better).
6. A wonderful job that allows me to stay home with Page and eventually Logen and raise my kids and teach them all I want to before they enter school. I am so lucky that I was given the opportunity to take this leap and that my wonderful husband and family were so supportive in my move from teaching to daycare. I love my job every day and it only gets better and better.

7. My amazing daycare parents. I think I have the best daycare parents anyone could ask for. They are always so warm and supportive, no matter what the situation. They are dependable and so friendly. I love each of their kids and I love that they all took a liking to Page and that she enjoys the parents just as much as she enjoys their kids!

8. This AZ weather. While I was home, there were highs in the 70s. Brrrr.... :) Now that I'm back in AZ, it's been beautiful weather. We've had highs in the 90s, but in the evenings, it's SO gorgeous outside. Steve and I love being able to sit outside and relax in the evenings without dying of heat stroke. I can't wait to start our evening walks as a family again next week. I love this time of year!

9. All the wonderful things I have. I have always been very lucky to have more than I could ever need. My Daddy and my husband both have and continue to spoil me like crazy. I know I don't always act like it, but I am truly thankful and appreciate all that I have and have ever had. I know there are many people out there who are FAR less fortunate than me.

10. Great friends and fellow bloggers who will take on this challenge to find 10 things they are truly grateful for and that make them happy and blog about it. I can't wait to read them all!!!

Blog away!!!!!!!

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