Sunday, September 26, 2010

McDonald's Fun

Saturday Steve had to go into the office for a few hours, so Page and I decided to go shopping with Danielle and Ryder. We headed out to the mall and went a little crazy shopping for Page and Logen. After the shopping wore us out, we decided to take Page and Ryder to McDonald's for lunch and some playtime. Page has been to McDonald's before but was always afraid or skeptical to go into the actual play place. Yesterday, those skepticisms were gone. Ryder ran right in and Page followed. I forgot my camera, but Danielle clicked a few. They had so much fun and played for more than an hour while Danielle and I were able to talk. It was so much fun.

Danielle told them to put their arms around each other.... I don't think they understood. They figured it out eventually!!!

So, this morning, we did our normal weekend routine (usually on Saturdays, but because Steve had to work - we did it on Sunday) and went to McDonald's for breakfast before heading to the grocery store. Page couldn't wait to show Daddy her "new tricks". And that she did. She had so much fun (starting before I even made it back to the table with the food). Steve snapped a few pictures of her "new tricks".
She LOVES slides, so it not surprising that she loved going down the slide over and over and over again. I love how the static makes her pig tails stick straight out.

After Page was done playing on the slide, she decided to get gutsy and start exploring the rest of the play place. She loved crawling through the tunnels and making faces at us through the windows. I'm pretty sure Steve and I laughed for a good five minutes at this first face!!!

After making funny faces at us for a little while, Page decided to be a drama queen and "claimed" to be stuck and needed help. We clearly knew she wasn't stuck, but she also wasn't coming down, no matter how much pleaded. So, I knew I wasn't going to get my big belly up there to "save" her, so "Good King Daddy" went up to rescue the trapped Princess in the Tower. Here are a couple pictures to show how great of a Daddy Page has. Between his bad knees and claustrophobia, Page was lucky he was able to make it through the tunnels. He even told Page at one point (while in the tower), "These tunnels are killing my knees." So Page responded with, "It's killing me, too, Daddy." LOL What a little cutie! So, enjoy the pictures of the Princess rescue by her Good King Daddy!!!

FREEDOM at last!!!!!

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