Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas and other randomness....

Wow! So last week a friend of mine alerted me it was only 4 months until Christmas! YIKES! Not only does that mean only 4 months left to get ready for Christmas and all the other holidays before Christmas, but that also means only 4 more months to get ready for Logen!!! AAHHHHHH!!!!! In some respects, I feel ready for Logen... in other ways... I feel like we haven't done anything to prepare. With Page, it felt like we took the whole 9 months getting ready. It's so much different this time around. At this point, we've bought Logen about 7 or 8 outfits and his crib bedding. I think that's it (other than the occasional monkey stuffed animal we see out and about). We are reusing so much stuff (thank goodness) from Page that we really don't need too much stuff. Don't get me wrong, I was able to fill up a baby registry with things I want... but they are just that... things I want, not need!Anyway, since I was alerted to the urgency of the next 4 months, I've been thinking of everything that needs to be done. We aren't going home (to IL) for Christmas this year (for obvious reasons) so I want to have as much Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving when we do go home. Someone must have been reading my mind. In the mail yesterday, I got a Christmas catalog from a store I had never heard of. It's called Lakeside Collection. If you haven't heard of it... check it out! It is amazing! It's got great stuff in it and better yet... it's CHEAP!!!! After looking through the catalog initially, I found TONS of stuff I wanted for the holidays or to buy for Christmas presents. Today while the kiddos were sleeping, I created spreadsheets on Excel (I know... nerdy) for each of us (Steve, Page, Logen, myself, and a general one) and I put in everything I wanted for each person. Well, after the first go through... I was spending well over $400! I decided I needed to scale back a bit. So, I went back through and decided on only a few for each of us. I'm still at over $200... but that's better than it was before, and I know Steve will scale back further! But how great would it be to get almost completely finished with Christmas shopping, at least for our own family, online and 4 months early? I'm thinking I like the idea more and more. Also, once we are done Christmas shopping, then we can focus on our yearly baking, decorating, getting ready for Logen, and having a blast spending time with family. We can't forget that the most wonderful time of year is upon us this month... BEARS Football Season!!!! On to other random things... I am now 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant (as of today). When I was at the Dr last month (I go again on the 15th of this month) I was still weighing in less than when I first got pregnant by two pounds. I've noticed my appetite has changed since then. I'm not eating as healthy as I was before. So, it was no real surprise to me that when I weighed myself last night, I had finally broken the barrier. According to my scale, which I'm sure is different from the Dr's scale, I had gained 4 pounds since the Dr appointment, which means I have now gained 2 pounds overall in the pregnancy. I guess that's not too bad since all the books and websites say that I should have gained 10-16 pounds by now. I am trying to get back to healthier eating (for Logen's sake and my own) but my little Logen just loves his ice cream! Maybe I'll try eating lots of fruits and veggies to offset the large amounts of ice cream I seem to be eating lately. :) I'm sure as the holidays approach, the weight gain is sure to increase. I should just brace myself for it and try to do my best to eat as healthy as possible. I'll keep you posted as to how that challenge is going.

Anyway... I'll leave you with some random pictures of Page and Steve opening Logen's bedding package when it arrived last week and also some random Page craziness! Enjoy!

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